SMPIG: Time to up your Due Diligence?

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

January 18, 2019: 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

When investors assume outsize risks for the possibility of outsize rewards, on what information and basis do they make their decisions?


Lockton Co.
500 West Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois

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Before management teams, investors and boards agree to sizable bets on the future, a diligent evaluation of known risks is a prudent check that may help ascertain and mitigate the scale of unknown risks. Failures don't represent bad luck as much as Leadership styles and resource efficiency practices restrict, restrain or skip due diligence.

Rather than look at a specific case study, articles selected for the January discussion include tips for good practice along with anecdotes. The conversation will share good practice tips and activities—personally, professionally and organizationally.

The articles selected for discussion this month were culled for us from a former editor of Private Equity journal. Don't be fooled by their publication dates, the tips, and descriptive cases are timeless and relevant. DO preview them in advance and bring your questions, reactions, and suggestions to further their inclusion in your strategic management practices.



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Rachel Kaberon