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Chicago Booth Alumni Club of New York City

The University of Chicago Alumni Association

October 27, 2018: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

StandUp Comedy: Bye Bye Deep Dish - Hello Pizza Rat

UChicago alumni have in common the experience of coming to NYC after living in Chicago, specifically Hyde Park.


The Knitting Factory
361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, New York

Event Details

StandUp Comedy: Bye Bye Deep Dish - Hello Pizza Rat

UChicago alumni have in common the experience of coming to NYC (some say civilization, others say Satan's compost heap) after living in Chicago, specifically Hyde Park (reverse previous comment).

To really understand how far we have all come, we will have a line up of comedians who also came out of Chicago and moved to NYC because they did not have enough aggravation or tension in their lives.

Hosted by Clark Jones, you will commiserate about:

Being (fill in your age) and still having a roommate(s) versus a backyard
NYC Ettiquette for profanity and expectorating in public (we always keep it classy)
Negotiating the lack of alleys, public bathrooms and sleep
Most importantly, you will have a benchmark for how much of your soul, character and empathy you are going/have had to jettison in leaving 'Sweet Home Chicago' and coming to Nu Yawk.

Live Performance by Midwest Cousins

We are going to have a performance by an 80's cover band; even if you were not there for the 80's, you will know and love the music. Get ready to have your curls jerried and collars flipped up!

Trivia Contest: No Safe Questions

We are hosting our first 'No Safe Questions' trivia contest hosted by the world famous (they insisted we say that) Courtney and Tom of the "Let's See What Else" comedy revue.

Since the questions will span the ages and a multitude of topics, your team of 1 to 6 people should have (but no requirement to do so) a representative of each decade from the 60's to the present in order to violently disagree with the judgements of our maroon ribbon panel of judges:

Coco, AB '64
Joanna, AB '14
Kimberly, AB '07

Lee, AB '13
Mary, AB '89
Mehvish, AB '89

Steven, AB '00
Tom AB '76, MBA '77
Virginia, AM '69

The winning team is one that best matches the real time answers of our judges to a set of questions about UChicago and NYC (which means Google will be of no use, letting alone having your cell phone open in your hand). Since they are ineligible to win the grand prizes, their answers are final, unimpeachable and more valid than the actual truth or facts because at least one of them were there for it.

Select a team captain (and team name) that will register the team members via an email (mention full name, degree(s) and class year); there is no separate charge for the trivia contest but each person needs to register for the event as a whole and be present for the contest.




Register Online

Deadline: 10/20/2018


Tom Sandlow