Cognitive Automation with Machine Learning

Big Data and Analytics Roundtable

March 8, 2018: 6:30 PM - 8:45 PM

Helen Sun will share practical use cases on self learning automation through mimicking human activities such as perceiving, evidence, gathering, hypothesizing and reasoning.


Gleacher Center
Room 100
450 Cityfront Plaza Dr
Chicago, Illinois

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What do these terms mean and their role in Cognitive Automation - Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Pattern Detection, Computational Statistics, Advanced / Predictive Analytics? Let's learn how these help mimicking human judgement that would benefit industry use cases in the long run.


Early $10 (Before 3/1)
Week of $15 (3/1-3/7)
At the Door $20


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Deadline: 3/8/2018

Speaker Profiles

Helen Sun (Speaker)
CTO of Architecture, Engineering and Data Management, JP Morgan & Chase

Helen Sun is a technology strategist and a thought leader. She is known as an expert in transforming businesses through innovative solutions including cloud, analytics, and architecture. Helen is currently CTO of Architecture, Engineering and Data Management at JP Morgan & Chase. She has held senior leadership positions at the world's most recognizable companies: Motorola Solutions, Salesforce, Oracle Corporation, Harbor Capital Advisors, New Edge Group. Helen is a frequent speaker on college campuses, major conferences and symposiums. She serves on the advisory board for the University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation, and was elected as co-chair for the Bowling Green State University Computer Science Department Business Advisory Board. Helen was awarded the honor of 50 "Women of Influence" in 2016 by Chicago Business Journal. She authored Oracle-Press titles " he Big Data Handbook" and "Master Competitive Analytics with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery." Helen holds a PhD in Education Technology and Information Systems from University of Toledo.


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