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February 19, 2010: 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM

SOCIAL MEDIA for B2B In recent months, we have talked about social media and its impact on collaboration in organizations. This month, we focus on the role of social media in B2B organizations. Is social media more hype and flash, or is it really helping business performance? the fact that Twitter, and facebook are still scrambling to figure out a business model is one thing, it's entirely another to have a business declare that these tools and the new way of communicating has had direct impact on their bottom line. We will look at who is using these tools and the evidence that social media really is a new engine for generating ongoing performance. To prepare for the session, you might want to think about these questions: What are the essential elements of B2B strategy, and how is the emerging use of social media relevant? What are some successful B2C social media strategies that B2B businesses can adapt and use? As online conversations are becoming more prevalent and engaging, what are the implications of this trend for marketing professionals and other strategists? Readings will be posted on the event registration page during the week of February 1st.


Gallup Consulting
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These breakfast discussion sessions are held in the loop and are designed to be highly interactive, providing a forum of particular value to alumni responsible for developing, influencing or executing enterprise strategies and policies. Attendance is limited to 20 people so that everyone who attends will have ample opportunity to join the discussion. There is no speaker at this event! The participants constitute the "panel," and everyone will have an opportunity to share their ideas. Also, this is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakfast) event, so feel free to bring a cup of coffee and something to enjoy during the conversation. Meetings start promptly at 7:30AM and end promptly at 8:45AM. Start your Friday morning by updating your MBA, discussing the latest management concepts with fellow Booth alums, extending your network, and still make it to the office by 9AM. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE MOVED TO A NEW VENUE! Jordan Katz, `08 has graciously arranged for us to use the meeting facilities at Gallup Consulting on Wacker Drive. BECAUSE OF BUILDING SECURITY PROCEDURES, ALL ATTENDEES MUST BE REGISTERED AT LEAST TWO DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. We regret that we can no longer take any last-minute registrations or walk-ins. The building security staff requires a list of meeting participants one day before the event. If your name is not on the list of registered attendees, you will not be granted access to the building.


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