The Puritan Gift - Reclaiming the American Dream Admidst Global Financial Chaos

Kellogg Alumni Club of London

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of the United Kingdom

January 12, 2010: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The University of Chicago and Kellogg Alumni Clubs of the UK are pleased to invite you to a jointly hosted evening discussion with Will Hopper, the co-author of the highly acclaimed business book “The Puritan Gift”. The collapse of Lehman Brothers and other Wall Street institutions sent shock waves around the world. But this was just the beginning. Financial experts are clamoring to tell us that these events are unprecedented and unpredictable. However, the authors of The Puritan Gift (Financial Times Top 10 Business Book of the Year) argue that the writing was on the wall and that they predicted the credit crunch well before it happened.


Chicago Booth
Woolgate Exchange
25 Basinghall Street
London, United Kingdom

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The Puritan Gift traces the origins and characteristics of an American managerial culture which, over the course of three centuries, turned a handful of small colonies into the greatest economic and political power on earth. It argues that the energy, social mobility, competitiveness and capacity for innovation, all of which lie at the heart of that culture, have their origins in the discipline and ethos of America’s first wave of European immigrants: the Puritans. Will Hopper lives in London and has spent his career in investment banking in New York and London. Along with his brother Kenneth, who has been active throughout his professional life as a writer on industrial affairs, they have written an extraordinary book offering a shocking exposé of the failures of the American financial system - as well as vital lessons for the future. Tracing the development of the managerial culture that underpinned more than three centuries of American commercial triumph, The Puritan Gift argues that the current financial crisis has an old-fashioned cause: bad management. The authors are also highly critical of what they consider the "MBA culture", so the evening should provide a lively discussion.


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7:00 PM-9:00 PM: Talk followed by reception

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Will Hopper (Speaker)
Author of The Puritan Gift


Ulrike Koeppl MBA '08 (EXP-13)