The alumni clubs of Harvard University and MIT would like to invite you to this year's Ivy Circle spring discussion dinner. The dinner will be held at University College Utrecht, a selective, English-language liberal arts college, now in its 10th year. There will be tours of the campus guided by students. The evening will start with an introduction to the history of the University College Utrecht by the current dean, Rob van der Vaart, and one of its co-founders, Jan Veldhuis; discussion to follow later. Speakers: - Prof. Rob van der Vaart, Dean of the University College Utrecht - Jan Veldhuis, former Chairman of the CvB University of Utrecht, co-founder University College Utrecht - Students from University College Utrecht and Laurens-Jan Brinkhorst, former minister of Economic Affairs This year's dinner's theme is a new kind of higher education institution in the Netherlands: the selective entry liberal arts college. The title of the program is: "Dutch Selective Liberal Arts Colleges, and University College Utrecht."


College Hall, University College Utrecht
Campusplein 1
Utrecht, Netherlands


€80 for regular IC members, €50 for members under 30 Please register by making payment to the IC, account number 5714821. Unlimited guests, but please register by May 12th for a guaranteed seat.


James Huyghe, '08