E-Discovery: Protecting Your Assets

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

May 5, 2009: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Its 2:00 A.M., your CEO has been taken into custody and your computers are “under arrest.” All of your company’s data and intellectual property now is evidence in a discovery process. How does your company react? showcases its process for legally protecting your assets and auditing your preparedness.


Gleacher Center
Room 600
450 Cityfront Plaza
Chicago, Illinois

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Ready or not, companies are exposed to the risk of litigation and investigation everyday. In this changing legal and regulatory environment, the cost of compliance, and the harsh consequences of non-compliance are exponentially growing. The demands of e-discovery may not be avoidable, but by planning, the cost, burden and duration certainly can be lessened. The company’s goal should be to establish defensible processes as part of its routine operations and avoid excessive costs in responding to litigation, investigations, and/or regulatory requests. A company also needs to audit its preparedness to assure its corporate governance group that enterprise-wide it is in compliance with internal policies and applicable legal and regulatory requirements. This program looks at a process for auditing your preparedness for a litigation event with the goal of protecting and reducing the risk to your company’s assets. Specifically, the presentation will address the rapidly expanding areas of corporate governance and Intellectual property audits, new Federal Rules on electronic discovery, and emerging laws and regulations.


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Speaker Profiles

Michael Lightfoot (Speaker)
Attorney at Law

Michael Lightfoot is an intellectual property attorney, a former prosecutor for DuPage County and has more than 20 years experience working with global companies, assisting them in licensing and protecting their intellectual property.

Ron Warren (Speaker)
Vice President, Infinite Systems Support, Inc.

Ron Warren is Vice President of Marketing and Chief Operating Officer of Infinite Systems Support. ISS provides three primary service offerings: information technology management consulting, technology risk management and security support, and business continuity planning. Mr. Warren has 27 years of information technology experience in the areas of systems and network design, data center operations, and technical support and is a Certified Information Systems Auditor.


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