Masterclass in Digital Marketing

INSEAD UK Alumni Club

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of the United Kingdom

European Private Equity and Entrepreneurship Roundtable

March 16, 2009: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Insead UK Alumni and Chicago Booth Private Equity and Entrepreneurship Roundtable are pleased to invite you to a masterclass in digital marketing with Will Rowan, a consultant with TheCustomer and author of ‘The eCommerce Pocketbook’, and ‘Digital Marketing’. While analogue marketing budgets shrink, digital marketing is thriving on double-digit growth. Newspaper advertising revenue was imploding long before the summer '07 crunch began: in 2008 UK online classified advertising billed more than commercial TV's advertising revenues. As technologies become embedded in our culture the speed of change seems only to be accelerating. Digital marketing should be measureable, yet large portions are still being misspent. How should digital change your business' marketing - and every £ that’s spent on promotion? Will Rowan will guide you through how digital marketing disrupts analogue business thinking, and explore five tactics that will help you to keep control of your digital marketing.


Chicago Booth Europe Campus
Woolgate Exchange
25 Basinghall St
London, United Kingdom




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Deadline: 3/16/2009

Speaker Profiles

Will Rowan (Speaker)

Will Rowan is a consultant with TheCustomer, creating web savvy, marketing led business strategy and a Non-Exec who guides companies on making the best commercial use of digital communications. Will works with a wide range of companies, from Ericsson or Electronic Arts to start ups with the potential to be tomorrow’s big business idea. He has written ‘The eCommerce Pocketbook’, and ‘Digital Marketing’; was author of the world’s first diploma qualification in digital marketing; and is guest lecturer at several Universities in UK and India.


Paolo Guida, '06 (EXP-11)