A Lesson in “Innovation Activism”: The Cereality Story…And Beyond

Innovation Roundtable

Kilts Center for Marketing

Marketing Roundtable

May 12, 2009: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

David Roth shares the story of how he and his partner, Rick Bacher, seized on a “Big Idea” and turned it into a thriving business by pursuing a totally unorthodox approach at almost every step along the way. He describes how, as “outsiders”, they went from inventing an entirely new retail channel in the $11 billion cereal industry to building an iconic brand of record within their first year of business, selling their company to a leading industry operator, and then creating a roadmap for other entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to do the same with their own “Big Ideas.” David explains how his and Bacher’s unique approach to designing a business around an experience, pursuing creative financing strategies, developing high-profile cross-industry strategic partnerships, employing bold and aggressive PR tactics, and organizing all aspects of the customer experience around a unifying brand driver are especially meaningful for today’s entrepreneurs and visionary marketers who are operating in the current “innovate or collapse” environment.


Gleacher Center, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Room 621
450 N. Cityfront Plaza Dr.
Chicago, Illinois




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Deadline: 5/8/2009

Speaker Profiles

David Roth (Speaker)
Managing Partner, GET STIRRED UP — Innovation Activists

David Roth founded and heads up the Chicago-based innovation, brand strategy and design firm, Get Stirred Up, where he and his team work with clients—ranging from pure start-ups and early stage companies to established corporations, institutional investors and creative services agencies—to create opportunities for brand-bolstering revenue growth. A serial (and cereal) entrepreneur, David started Get Stirred Up following the acquisition of his last venture, the popular quick-serve franchise, Cereality Cereal Bar & Café. David’s circuitous career path weaves together his training in psychology, his penchant for building brands, and his acumen for selling a “big idea.” David holds an M.Ed. from Harvard.


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