SMPIG: How organizing data displays impact your strategy

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

September 16, 2016: 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM

Explore how organizations can challenge assumptions, learn to see better, think more clearly, and present information by demonstrating that they know what they say they know.


Lockton Company
500 W. Monroe
Chicago, Illinois

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Ever hear the phrase, show don't tell? Chances are one of your teachers used the phrase as a tip to good writing. Effective communicators demonstrate their understanding of complex ideas or observations by choosing descriptors that are more easily understood by others. For example, Behavioral Economists encourage use of design that promotes better decision-making, and designers oblige by framing messages and data that makes the "best" choice more obvious.

The problem? Data gets pre-packaged, form overrides substance, canned formats obscure the ability to see the full picture or bigger patterns. Standard displays encourage confirmation bias because they shortchange critical thinking necessary to evaluate and pursue strategic opportunities.

Like it or not, great designers and data scientists don't always understand your business. Business places greater emphasis on User Experience (UX) to create value by prioritizing ease of use and simplicity rather than promoting critical thinking.


The articles are not a traditional set of tips, but rather demonstrate Edward Tufte, and Richard Feynmann's practices in the art of deep seeing and critical thinking. We've also included the Famous NASA O-ring case analysis as optional.

Date: September 16

Time: 7:30-8:45 am

Location: The Lockton company, 500 W. Monroe St

Light breakfast and coffee served.

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