Innovation Strategy: The Second Most Important Thing Innovators Need to Do

Consulting Roundtable

July 24, 2008: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Brian Christian, president of DASO Consulting, offers some imperatives on innovation strategy when he discusses “The Second Most Important Thing Innovators Need to Do” at the Consulting Roundtable on Thursday, July 24, 2008. As with many business initiatives, the tendency with innovation is to dive into the pool before checking for water. However, one of the fundamental requirements for successful innovation is establishing a strategic direction for the innovation effort. Mr. Christian discuss why, with the exception of senior leadership support, the latter is the most critical ingredient for successful innovation.


Gleacher Center - Room 600
Room 600
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Chicago, Illinois

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This session offers crucial insights into conceptualizing and launching your firm's innovation initiatives. Learn why, when launching any type of innovation initiative -- whether it be building a sustainable innovation capability or simply completing a single innovation-inspired project -- it is crucial to provide strategic guidance to those tasked with driving the innovation’s success if implementers are to avoid wasted effort and investment as well as lost time and frustration with results. Also learn why, if your organization has ever wrestled with any of the following issues, it might be indicative of the need for a more clearly defined innovation strategy: • Is your organization’s effort to build a sustainable innovation capability spinning its wheels? • Does your organization hold divergent views about what is considered to be innovation? • Is your organization identifying primarily incremental opportunities despite its desire to create game-changing breakthroughs? • Is your organization focusing on too many innovation opportunities that are far removed from your company's capabilities? • Does management struggle with how to make funding decisions for innovation?


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