Why Traditional Selling Doesn’t Work Anymore!

Sales Leaders' Roundtable

May 14, 2008: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Why Traditional Selling Doesn’t Work Anymore! Over the years prospects have learned enough about the traditional selling process to thoroughly undermine it with a surprisingly small, but effective “bag of tricks”.


Gleacher Center
Room 100
450 N. City Front
Chicago, IL, Illinois

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If you want to profit in today’s economy, the question is not whether you should change, but how to make it happen. We will explore why traditional selling models are no longer effective and provide a dynamic paradigm that is transforming the sales approach of corporations and small businesses world-wide. Are you a CEO, business owner, VP of sales, sales manager or business unit manager? Frustrated with hearing…”Selling is tough right now”? Do you find that… •Sales activity is high while actual sales remain flat? •Your proposals end up becoming unpaid consulting? •You are having trouble getting past gate keepers? •Your sales cycle has grown very, very long? •You are continually forced to cut prices to close the sale? •Prospecting is way below what it should be? •Your sales reps keep coming up with excuses for not closing sales? •You are tired of hearing “I want to think it over”? Take Away Learn to completely change the tenor of your sales encounters with an open, honest, no nonsense and dignified approach to selling that places you, the sales professional, firmly in control! We will • uncover the buyer’s system and discuss how buyers think. • discuss why the buyer’s system is stronger than the traditional sales approach. • discuss the weaknesses of a traditional selling system that result in unpaid consulting. • iscuss why traditional selling discourages sales professionals and results in poor performance. Finally, we will present a systematic 7 Step Approach to overcome the buyer’s system that leads to a predicable sales outcome. Come prepared to participate in real world exercises using a systematic process to eliminate traditional selling pitfalls.


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Deadline: 5/14/2008


6:30 PM-7:00 PM: Registration and networking

7:00 PM-8:30 PM: Presentation

8:30 PM-9:00 PM: Cash bar in the Midway Club

Speaker Profiles

N. Randy Gangaloo (Speaker)
President, Breakthrough Selling, Inc.

Randy Gangaloo is President and Founder of Breakthrough Selling, Inc., an authorized licensed affiliate of Sandler Training®. As the CEO of a firm which specializes in sales force evaluation and development, he utilizes the only management development curriculum that is ranked #1 by Entrepreneur magazine. Randy brings over two decades of sales training, sales management and consulting experience to the marketplace and he coaches non-traditional selling and management strategies. He began his sales career in 1980 developing sales through manufacturer rep groups covering the USA. As Product Manager, he was instrumental in developing, positioning and marketing several multi-million dollar product lines. As an International Sales Manager he developed an extensive manufacturer rep network throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America. Randy energizes sales, sales management training, and business development training with a combination of case studies, anecdotes, and humor. He inspires and entertains to help sales professionals achieve their own personal "next best level" of performance. He effectively combines street savvy with corporate insight into his training, coaching, and mentoring for CEOs and business owners. A frequent speaker for professional and trade associations, Randy has been featured in several publications including Professional Selling, Instrument Society of America, and M&C. He can be reached at

Steve Kovic (Speaker), Breakthrough Selling, Inc.

Steve has an eclectic background that includes selling printing and spices from Eastern Europe to American corporations such as McCormick Spice Company. He also created and directed sales and marketing strategies in the legal and financial services industries. Prior to joining Breakthrough Selling, Steve led an international initiative that resulted in the completion of the first phase of a $25,000,000 Private Public Partnership project in Zagreb, the capitol city of Croatia. Steve has M.A. in Counseling and an M.A. in Intercultural Studies. His international and domestic sales experience and his educational background have prepared him to equip sales professionals to succeed in selling in an ever increasingly complex marketplace. He can be reached at


Ken Nordine, Jr. '97