Polsky Center Accelerator Program Demo Day

Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

August 14, 2013: 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Join the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation as 10 UChicago start-ups make their pitch to Chicago-area investors and entrepreneurs.


Gleacher Center
Room 400
450 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive
Chicago, Illinois

Event Details

The Accelerator Program gives University of Chicago students and their teammates the opportunity to develop their own businesses for nine weeks. Students are supported with office space, access to Polsky Center staff, coaching from Chicago Booth faculty, mentoring from alumni, local entrepreneurs, and investors, as well as speakers and panel discussions designed to help them overcome many of the hurdles to launching a business.

The Accelerator Program culminates with Demo Day, now in its second year. The program begins at 12:30 pm at Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago, and concludes with a networking reception. Go here for more details and the event agenda.

2013 Accelerator Program Teams:

FunPower makes a compact, inexpensive, and ergonomic under-the-desk exercise device for people working at offices, addressing the numerous health problems that arise from sedentary behavior.

Grassroot Biotech is dedicated to making basic life science reagents more affordable so that scientists can get the most out of limited funding to make real breakthroughs in healthcare. Currently focusing on PCR reagents for DNA amplification, Grassroot Biotech is changing how the life science market operates.

InstantEval enables attending physicians to quickly record evaluations on their mobile devices or computers in real time. InstantEval permits departments to precisely comply with the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and encourages greater communication between attending physicians and residents.

matchist is the best place to hire top freelance web and mobile developers. matchist partners with software companies to help customers find top-notch developers with specific skillsets.

Qualia Health is a technology platform developed at MIT's Media Lab that provides at-home monitoring of heart failure patients. Qualia's solution collects subjective, quality-of-life information, which is informed by passive sensors in the home. Qualia provides both hospitals and patients with actionable data to proactively intervene as a patient's health status declines before they end up in the hospital.

SOCIAL Enjoyments creates alcoholic beverages that fulfill women's desires for drinks full of flavor and feminine appeal that are also low in calories, sugar, and harmful additives.

TheStylisted is an online platform that allows clients to procure in-home beauty services from a network of top makeup artists and hair stylists.

UGO Language will offer online English classes to Brazilian corporations through online material and live instruction that is industry specific and customized to employee's needs. Through incentive programs, and best practices in teaching methodologies, UGO will focus on increasing individual student engagement, an opportunity that other online language programs miss.

Vintage creates personal, documentary-style videos of senior citizens to honor their legacy and highlight their life's story. The Vintage platform serves as a digital footprint and living memory for generations to come.

Vintage Campus is a vintage apparel line inspired by century-old photos found in the photo archives of the world's oldest university and college institutions. Vintage Campus prides itself on high quality materials, classic designs, and laidback sophistication.


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