Webinar: Leveraging Your Emotional Intelligence for Career Success

The University of Chicago Women's Business Group (UCWBG)

April 5, 2013: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Learn how to improve your EQ, or emotional quotient, with concepts and tools that leverage your built-in emotional intelligence "GPS."


Chicago, Illinois

Event Details

We rarely talk about emotions in the workplace. Women often feel compelled to hide their emotions, yet they influence every decision we make. Emotional Intelligence describes how well you observe, understand and use emotional information about yourself and others. The good news is that a higher level of emotional intelligence gives you a 2:1 greater likelihood of success as shown in studies comparing leaders with the same IQ and technical skill.

  • Learn concepts and tools to leverage your built-in emotional intelligence "GPS"
  • Become mindful of your role as a thought leader and how that impacts your results
  • Discover Your Owner's Manual to maximize performance of your equipment


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Deadline: 4/4/2013

Speaker Profiles

Gail Sussman Miller (Speaker), Inspired Choice

Gail Sussman Miller is the Chief Obstacle Buster at Inspired Choice.

She inspires executives, women, minority leaders and their teams to take brave inspired action to achieve greater career success and satisfaction by leveraging their emotional intelligence.

Gail helps professionals turn obstacles into opportunities by learning to:

listen to their built-in GPS to boost their self-assurance and assertiveness,create more meaningful and effective relationshipmake better decisions andreduce stress.

She specializes in boosting confidence and comfort with networking public speaking, business development, and career transition and advancement by teaching a holistic, mission-driven approach.

Gail says she is a recovering perfectionist and calls herself a Mid-Life Bloomer Baby Boomer because she found her perfect work, husband, mother- and grandmother-hood all after the age of 45.


Elene Cafasso, '87 
VP Programs 2 @ UCWBG
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