Astonish Your Interviewer!

The University of Chicago Women's Business Group (UCWBG)

February 8, 2013: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Join us for a presentation and Question & Answer session on the most common and challenging interview questions. This webinar features Dr. John Kalaras, author of Career Success. Dr. Kalaras received rave reviews for his keynote address at our 2011 UCWBG Annual Meeting, presenting his work: Are Women Better Leaders? 


Chicago, Illinois

Event Details

Do you know?

  • That a successful interview begins well before the first word is spoken?
  • That the person who first mentions salary, loses?
  • Where to keep the "spotlight" when you present your credentials?
  • How to control the interview? Not the interviewer, but the questions?
  • What is the unpublished job-market and how to explore it?
  • How to reply to questions intelligently to set you apart from the competition?
  • What questions to ask the interviewer?
  • What should be included in your Career Portfolio?

Know all this? Then you don't need this webinar! Otherwise, tune-in to receive useful and practical techniques extremely beneficial to any career seeker at any phase of their career.

Most people think they can do well in a job interview by just providing an answer to the questions asked. Big mistake! Offering THE right answer can make the difference between selecting and eliminating you. Professional interviewers can easily spot a prepared candidate vs. someone who struggles for an answer.

Join us for a presentation and Question & Answer session on the most common and challenging interview questions. The session features Dr. John N.Kalaras, author of Career Success. You may send your questions to John in advance at: Advance questions will receive priority during the webinar.

His book and accompanying workbook are available on Amazon and address:

  • Traditional and Social Media Networking
  • Over 500 Interview Questions (many of which are presented in role-play format)
  • Distinguished Resume Writing
  • Professional Portfolio Design


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Deadline: 1/31/2013

Speaker Profiles

Dr. John N.Kalaras (Speaker)
Author, CEO & President, Professor, Quality Training Institute, Inc.

Dr. Kalaras has taught at several local universities, is CEO and President of the Quality Training Institute, Inc. He is the founder of Ariston University and has served on the President's Business Advisory Council from 2005-2009. In 1999 he was recognized by UNESCO as Professor Of The Year. Besides being a Professor of Leadership at Keller, he provides corporate workshops and consulting on leadership and quality initiatives.

Dr. Kalaras has authored several highly effective-results oriented business programs, including:

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Fundamentals of Quality
  • Executive Level Leadership
  • Lean Six Sigma


Elene Cafasso, '87 
VP Programs 2 @ UCWBG