Booth Healthcare Conference: Healthcare in Transition: Envisioning 2020

Chicago Booth Healthcare Group

Healthcare and BioPharma Roundtable

November 30, 2012

The health care sector in 2012 is volatile and uncertain, perhaps more so than it has ever been. What will health care look like when the dust settles? What changes are here to stay and what impact might they have?

The goal of Healthcare in Transition: Envisioning 2020 is to find out. That's why we're bringing together experts, leaders and visionaries in the health care space - from financiers to family physicians - and asking them one question: What will health care look like in 2020?

2020 is the "present future" - far enough forward to see the effects of challenges that are playing out today, but close enough to make predictions that are concrete and relevant. On November 30th, our handpicked speakers and panelists will offer big pictures, interesting facts, unexpected twists, controversial ideas and considerable insight while presenting their vision of the health care sector in 2020.

Keynote speakers will include Todd Warnock, Founding Partner and Senior Advisor of Roundtable Healthcare Partners, Stephen Bonner, CEO of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and Andrew Hayek, President and CEO of Surgical Care Affiliates. Please visit the conference website for additional details.


Gleacher Center
6th Floor
450 N. Cityfront Plaza Dr.
Chicago, Illinois

Event Details

Between keynotes, experts will discuss their vision of healthcare 2020 in panel discussions on four specific areas - entrepreneurship, principle investing, providers/organizations and global health.

If the present day is any predictor of the future, things will be faster, shorter and more high tech. That's why we're introducing a new format this year - the 5 minute consult. Inspired by "TED" talks, engaging speakers will have 5-7 minutes to share their unique perspective on health care in 2020.

Some things never change, like the importance of networking. So in addition to contact with conference goers over lunch and scheduled breaks, we'll end the day with a meet the experts session featuring speakers, recruiters, conference participants... and an open bar.

So in 2020, will all Americans have insurance? Will doctors make more or less? Will pharmaceutical pipelines be bursting or busted? What cutbacks are likely and what opportunities are coming?

Come find out at HCG 2012!


Free for partner group members.  $15 general admission.


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Deadline: 11/30/2012


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