Pub Crawl

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of New York City

October 25, 2012: 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Visit 5 bars in Manhattan.


East side - midtown - Venue TBD
New York City, New York

Event Details

October Pub Crawl. We will visit 5 pubs. Each bar will be distinctive in it's own "new york city" way. And at each stop, you will learn something new either about NYC or the bar. Intrigued?

5:45 PM is the time for the first meeting point. We'll be there until 6:30, and from there we walk to the next bar. And so on until we succeed!

(Wear comfortable shoes).

List of pubs, timing, and maps will be emailed one day before the crawl. Prizes awarded at the end of the crawl and perhaps a prize midway....

It is necessary to register. There is no registration fee.

You pay your own way. Second stop will have some great bar food available.

It's not necessary to commit to the entire Pub Crawl. For example if 5:45 is too early, catch us at Bar 2. Alternatively, if you can only come to the first 3 bars, that's OK.  But those that DO the entire pub crawl, well, beside the prize, you will join an elite group and have something to tell your grandchildren.



No Charge


Register Online

Deadline: 10/23/2012


Teresa Bonner, '09