Increasing Liquidity in the Market for Intellectual Property – IP Auctions and Other Methods

Consulting Roundtable

September 27, 2007: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Many companies and sole inventors know how to develop/protect their ideas as intellectual property (IP) but what follows is often less positive. If these inventors don’t transform their ideas into useable products/services themselves, the process for finding investors willing to purchase the IP is frequently inefficient. Even if a purchaser were found, the bargaining power of the two sides is often asymmetric: Inventors frequently lack a strong bargaining position vis-à-vis large companies. Sitting across from a mega-communications, electronics, or software company -- which typically boasts substantial legal, engineering, and marketing departments -- can be daunting for the inventor. Under this scenario, the mega-company typically has access to far more information than its inventor counterpart. What can be done to redress this imbalance? Discover new ways for exchanging intellectual property and learn how new IP markets are being created.


Gleacher Center
450 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive
Chicago, Illinois

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Private sales used to be the only way to exchange or even monetize intellectual property. This often pitted two very different parties against one another -- i.e., large corporations and individual inventors working out of their garages. Now, there's another way to exchange intellectual property –- IP auctions. In this interactive session, Andy Ramer, Managing Director at Ocean Tomo, offers a case study on how the IP auction market was created, the lessons learned, and insights regarding when it might be the preferred market mechanism. Specifically, Andy’s presentation will highlight various aspects of the IP Auction Market including: creation; market adoption; process components; benefits/limitations; participants and results


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Andy Ramer Managing Director, Corporate Finance, Ocean Tomo Andrew. T. Ramer is the Managing Director of the Corporate Finance practice at Ocean Tomo, which includes development and oversight of all IP sell-side initiatives including private auctions, public auctions, M&A activity, and the Ocean Tomo Dean’s List, an online market for transacting IP. Prior to assuming this position, Andrew led the team that built and delivered Ocean Tomo’s first two live multi-lot intellectual property auctions, a business that continues to receive international press. He formerly managed operations, marketing and business development for Ocean Tomo PatentRatings, the firm’s IP software analytics division.