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Join us for a conversation on decentralized finance (DeFi) with Leonid Morozovskiy, '17 (EXP-22), Blockchain enthusiast and Geray Yusifov, '18 (EXP-23), founder of several successful marketing and ad tech companies in the Caucasus.


Online Webinar
Online, Russia

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During this session we will discuss why traditional business will need a crypto strategy.

  • What is decentralized finance (DeFi) and how does it work? 
  • Consequences of DeFi development for the financial system. How to invest in DeFi and associated risks. 
  • How to build a bridge between traditional finance and decentralized ecosystems.

For this discussion we will be joined by Booth alumni:

Leonid Morozovskiy, '17 (EXP-22), 15 years experience in banking. Blockchain enthusiast. Founder of UniDAO and BerezkaDAO.

Geray Yusifov,'18 (EXP-23), 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. Founded several successful marketing and ad tech companies in the Caucasus, which became an affiliate partner of world-leading marketing communication and media groups IPG Inc (NYSE: IPG) and Vivendi SA (EPA: VIV). MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business. Co-founder of Spatium, company, developing a single gateway to digital assets for individuals and traditional financial businesses


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Deadline: 3/3/2021


Mikhail Sklyarov, '17 (EXP-22)