Bright and informative session on what affects the image of a professional and what is happening on the labor market of managers


Bank Otkritie Corporate University
Spartakovskaya St., 5, bld. 1
Moscow, Russia

Event Details

A meeting of the closed Business Club of graduates of the world's leading business schools and their guests will be held.
The theme of the evening: "The personal brand of the leader and the labor market."

Our headliners:

Anna Kanter Amelkina, vice president, director of the department of communications, brand creator of managers, key expert on brand creation 

Elena Salikhova, Senior Vice President, Head of Human Resources, IMD graduate, previous experience - JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, VTB24

Tatyana Kozhevnikova, member of the board of many corporations, ex-vice president of personnel, FIFA 2018, Rosatom, ChelPipe, Mars, Coca-Cola,

Meeting topics:
- Trends in public image - what has changed the focus of reporting information about yourself over the past two years
- PR internal and external - what is the difference
- 7 deadly information mistakes - whether to be successful image
- How a professional image affects employment

And also a separate block about the labor market:
- What shareholders pay attention to when hiring
- 7 manager mistakes when looking for a job
- 7 errors in the formation and team
- Key trends in the salary market for managers

Moderator: Natalia Matusova, Managing Partner, Executive Search Addwise, Vice President, ChicagoBooth Alumni Club

Gift for participants: All participants in the event will be provided with a personality profile and potential testing with an extended report from Base! Pro for free.


2000 rub


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Deadline: 3/5/2020


Pavel Rodionov, '13