Join Ivy Circle members and Chicago Booth alumni for a free guided tour through the Old City of Mainz, organized by American German Business Club Wiesbaden-Mainz members Horatio and Christopher von John.


Mainz, Germany

Event Details

We'll meet at the Friedrich-Schiller-Monument on the Schillerplatz at 9:45 am. The tour is scheduled to last approximately two hours on foot. Please wear clothes taking walking and weather conditions into consideration. Parking is available in the Schillerplatz parking garage.

Easy access by public transportation: Take the S 8 from Wiesbaden terminus at 9:19 am to arrive at Mainz train station at 9:31 am. A single ticket costs € 2.80. From there, it's a ten-minute walk to the Schillerplatz.

Highlights of the tour include:
- the Dome
- the baroque St. Peter Church
- the Chagall windows of the St. Stephan Church
- the town hall as a prime example of Scandinavian modernism

During the walk, we'll learn about the more than 1.000 years of city history as a major bishopric in the German Empire and also about the military history of the city as a bulwark against the French empire. We'll finish off with a "Marktfrühstück" in the marketplace.

This tour is a family & friends event, and it's FREE! Please register by sending an e-mail to: Deadline is 25 April, 2019, if you plan to attend.


No Charge


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Deadline: 4/25/2019


Andrea Fuchs, '09 (EXP-14)