Advantage: Business Competition in the New Normal

Innovation Roundtable

May 4, 2010: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Harvard Business Review this month (March ’10) includes an article “Leadership Lessons from India” in which the leadership methods of the top performing Indian companies are described. The CEOs from these companies do not attribute success to their own cleverness, or even the leadership team’s capability, rather they point out the source of competitive advantage lies deep inside -- it’s in all their people. Bill Burnett’s new book explains why this is true, and how to achieve competitive advantage by leveraging this incredible insight around talent. His new book Advantage: Business Competition in the New Normal lays out the foundation for why this internal resource is a much more powerful resource than most managers believe, and gives a set of small ‘tipping point’ steps the company leadership can implement to leverage this talent without upsetting the apple-cart.


Gleacher Center
Room 100
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Chicago, Illinois

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Bill will lead us in a discussion on maximizing your inside the box capability to create a powerhouse of innovation. Companies that are extraordinarily good at generating new cash while preserving old cash are also very good at innovation. Innovation is the source of sustained competitive advantage. But companies often go down a path of focusing only on high potential projects, and weeding out other projects before money is wasted on development. These stage-gate practices ignore history. Almost all breakthrough ideas sounded crazy and unworkable at first. It turns out that our brains work against us when big change is contemplated. That, combined with a highly structured stage-gate system eliminates projects that are most likely to become breakthroughs. In Advantage: Business Competition in the New Normal, Bill explains why this is true, and what a company can do to avoid this pitfall while doing a better job of preserving cash and becoming the innovation powerhouse every competitor fears.


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Speaker Profiles

Bill Burnett (Speaker)
Change Catalyst, Launchpad Partners

With more than thirty years of executive business experience, Bill Burnett is a proven leader. He has led both line organizations larger than 250 people, and staff groups with less than ten people. Burnett’s special talent is his ability to recognize and leverage hidden inventiveness of knowledgeably internal employees. His track record of building and leading problem solving teams at both the global and local level has delivered ingenious performance improvements in Product Development, Business Models, Customer Service, Operations, Network Infrastructure, Systems Functionality, and Policy Management. Burnett has a wealth of international experience. He has traveled to and worked with a multitude of cultures in local businesses in over sixty-five countries on six continents. He has a BA in Philosophy and an international MBA from the Moore School, University of South Carolina. Bill has also written the insightful guide to winning the interview and getting the job offer -- The Peak Interview.


Mary Drotar, `94