A great moderator, Bob Wolhein and 4 Booth Entrepreneurs in Brazil will discuss how is to be an entrepreneur in a challenging country.


Rua Casa do Ator, 919
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

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After the big success of our first event we are thrilled to bring you the second one. This time the discussion will be about Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups in Brazil.

We were able to bring together a terrific group of speakers in different stages of a start-up life who will be able to bring their deep views on the life of an entrepreneur in Brazil.


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Deadline: 5/17/2016

Speaker Profiles

Bob Wollheim (Moderator)
Head Digital, Grupo ABC

Bob Wollheim is an Internet pioneer in Brazil and an entrepreneur, founder of youPIX, the largest Creators platform in Brazil and nowadays is also the Head of Digital at Grupo ABC, the largest communications group in Brazil. He is also CoFounder of MuchMore, a digital business consultancy house recently founded by Grupo ABC and Sodet, owned by Teco Sodré and Silvio Meira from Porto Digital. He is also the author of the book "Empreender Não é Brincadeira" (Campus/Elsevier), acts as Venture Corp at Endeavor and is the startup commentator at Conta Corrente, leading business TV Show at GloboNews, besides being a leader at the startup ecosystem In Brazil.

Thomaz Srougi (Panelist) '05
Founder, Dr. Consulta

Dan Cohen (Panelist) '05
Founder, F(x)

Carlos Lino (Panelist) '05
Founder, iU

Ricardo Leite (Panelist) '15
Country Manager, BlaBlaCar


Carlos Lino, '05