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Club Leadership

Shanghai Chapter

We are looking for new alumni volunteers to support the Booth community in Shanghai. If you have innovative ideas about how to offer a wide variety of engagement opportunities, please get in touch with Cher Wu, Associate Director, Alumni Engagement, APAC at

Vice President
Tao Li, ’08

Alice Xu, ’17
Bryan Zhang, ’18

Chenao Yu, ’14

Committee Members
Lily(Lielei) Hu, ’18 (AXP-17)
Stella Zhou, ’18 (AXP-17)
Guan Wang, ’17 (AXP-16)

We would like to acknowledge the past contributions of our Shanghai alumni club committee members:

Yu Chen, ’12, Cathy (Wensi) Huang, ’13, Hang Xu (Angela), ’15, Mindy Zhang, ’13, Lan Luo, ’11 (AXP-10), Leo Ma, ’13 (AXP-12), Dora Gu, '12, Mays Zhang, ’07, Bryant Eggett, ’13 (AXP-12), Sue Luh, ’01, Eugene Zhao, ’03 (XP-72), Ted Hornbein, '05 (AXP-4), Dave Eiken, ’05, Nick Lim, ’04, Ming Yang, ’03, Terry Li, ’05, Gus Adapon, ’03, Frank Li, ’00