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Learn about Chicago Booth alumnae and their career accomplishments. We feature an alumna and her answers to questions that range from topics such as career navigation and career transitions to balancing motherhood and running a business. Please send any questions or potential recommendations to Martina Dimova-Martinez '08.

Alumna in the Spotlight

Brigitte Anderson, '08

After earning a bachelor's degree in anthropology from Princeton University, Brigitte’s career has spanned financial services in the United States and Sub-Saharan Africa, an MBA at Booth, and an entrepreneurial endeavor of her own (and that’s just to name a few). Learn how the unique perspective from Brigitte’s humanities and anthropology background has driven pivots throughout her career, and helped her get to the root of understanding customer needs—no matter the industry, sector, or geography.

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Mary Curtis, '94

Did you know? A 2004 Harris Interactive survey found that 43 percent of highly qualified female professionals with children leave work voluntarily at some point in their careers. Read about Mary’s 18-month journey to re-enter the workforce after a 16-year hiatus, and how the Chicago Booth network and ReLaunch program helped.

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Lauren Adams, ’12

Lauren Adams, ’12 is director of operations at the Center for Financial Planning, Inc.®. Prior to this position, she was enjoying her career at Morningstar, but decided to move back to her home state of Michigan and take a position with the Center for Financial Planning, Inc.® when those around her regularly asked for help understanding their options regarding ROTH IRAs, giving to charity, and more. This position aligned not only with her sense of purpose in helping others make the best investment and life choices, but also allowed her to develop and grow her skills.

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Beth Burns, '93

For Beth Burns, ’93, the turning point in her career came as a result of one of the most significant global financial events in history. Read her story about taking your own path, acting with intention, and ‘doing life’, as told by Jessica Iverson, ’12, a writer and independent PR and brand marketing consultant based in Chicago.

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Kelly Gushue, '11

Kelly Gushue, '11, is a finance coach and founder of Personal Finance Warrior. After 15 years in finance, she took the leap to entrepreneurship. Today, Kelly empowers women all over the world to take action on managing their personal finances through her online platform, courses, and coaching programs. Kelly is also a speaker and holds live workshops, including for professional groups at companies.

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Jenny Xu, ’11

Jenny Xu, ’11 is the managing director at FreightWaves, a data provider for freight markets. Her focus is specifically on partnership and business development. Pre-MBA she worked at Kellogg’s for six years in various finance roles, including a JV in China. She subsequently held strategy roles at Deloitte Consulting and US Foods, and as the head of commercial emerging technology at Bridgestone.

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Tiffany Choong, '14

Tiffany Choong, ’14, was born and raised in Singapore. She moved to the U.S. to attend the University of Chicago in 2006 for her undergraduate degree, and also earned her MBA from Chicago Booth in 2014. Between undergraduate and business school, she worked in investment banking in New York. After graduating from Booth, she moved back to Singapore to work at McKinsey. She is currently leading strategy and operations at Google Cloud in Singapore.

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Ginette Oebel, '13

Ginette Oebel, ’13 (EXP-18), started her career at HSBC in banking and worked 10 years as a COO of a corporate finance boutique in Germany. In 2017 she co-founded Basinghall Partners, a London based Investment Advisor for a Venture Capital Fund that invests in digital enablers of traditional industries.

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Leigh Winter Martin, '05

Leigh Winter Martin, ’05, is the director of marketing programs and product marketing at Liquid Robotics, a Sunnyvale, California–based maker of wave- and solar-powered ocean robots that roam the seas to fight crime and save the planet. We love reading profiles of alumni who have achieved great heights in their career—often at young ages. This is not that story; this is the story of someone who is 40 and still finding her way. It can be hard to admit our struggles and failures in an Instagram-filtered world where it seems like everyone is excelling, so here is a little raw honesty from the other side.

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Michelle (Tadros) Eidson, '99 and Gretchen Frary Seay, '99

How do you become two of the most influential women in middle market M&A in an industry where only 14 percent of deal-makers are women? There’s no simple answer, but Chicago Booth Women’s Network interviewed Gretchen Frary Seay, '99, and Michelle (Tadros) Eidson, '99 and tried to gain a glimpse into their success.

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Pooja Chokshi, '16

Pooja Chokshi, '16, is Head of Partnership Strategy at Blockchain (blockchain.com), where she leads the global partnership program with the goal of delivering a better financial future to millions across the globe. A 2016 Booth grad, Pooja considers her experience at Booth to be instrumental in helping her find her passion for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. She is also a strong advocate for bringing more diversity into the emerging tech ecosystem. Read more here >>

Pree Walia, '10

Pree Walia, ’10, is the CEO and cofounder of Preemadonna, and the inventor of its first product line, Nailbot, a robotic manicurist—and, more specifically, a smartphone nail art printer. Read more here >>

Christina Van Houten, '96

Christina Van Houten, '96, shares her experiences as a female leader in the tech industry, and the recent launch of Women@Work - a platform she founded for emerging working women to connect with one another around the world. Read more here >>

Sophia Stone, ’14

Sophia Stone, ’14, came to Booth with a single post-MBA career focus: pursue a marketing career with a luxury brand. Like many others, Sophia augmented her MBA studies with Managerial and Organizational Behavior (MOB) coursework to acquire the “soft skills” for managing others. Little did she know at the time that her interests in MOB would lead to big career changes and land her the job of her dreams. Read more »

Charlotte Sibley, '70

Charlotte Sibley, ’70 is accomplished, well-recognized, savvy and witty. She has forged an impressive career in the healthcare industry, pioneered functions within companies and continues to ingest innovation through her work on for profit and nonprofit boards! Read More »

Katlin Smith, ’15

Katlin Smith, ’15, founder and CEO of Simple Mills, was recently spotlighted in Crains’ 20 under 20 for 2015. Nominated for this year’s Martha Stewart’s American Made Awards, Simple Mills makes delicious, simple, and nutrient-rich baking mixes that are naturally gluten-free. In just over a year, Simple Mills has grown from a retail footprint of under 100 stores to over 1,400 stores nationwide. Katlin was able to sit down and talk to us about her business and Booth alumni network. Read more »

Anya Gezunterman, ’01

Meet Anya Gezunterman, ’01, an alumna from the full-time MBA program. Focused on finance from the get-go, Anya has progressed her finance career from a debt capital markets analyst to a derivatives originator and marketer providing risk management and financing solutions to institutional and high net-worth clients. Read more »

Andrea Sreshta, '16

Meet Andrea Sreshta, '16, co-founder of LuminAID, a company that focuses on innovative solar powered energy products for humanitarian aid and outdoor recreation. Andrea holds a B.A. from Yale University, a Master’s in Architecture from Columbia University, and a MBA from Chicago Booth. Read more »

Joanie Stringer '02

Joanie Stringer, ’02 graduate, and Senior Vice President at Northern Trust was showcased as one of the “Top 20 Professionals under 40 in Miami” for Brickell magazine in May 2015.  In talking with Joanie, we learned about her professional experiences and the intraprenuership that continues to drive her professional growth.

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Loana Baes, XP-84

Loana Baes, recent 2015 graduate of University of Chicago – Executive MBA, has founded moleCures (mol-e-cures), a crowdfunding platform for cancer and medical research. With 14 years of business experience, read to hear about Loana, her experience at Chicago Booth and journey in founding moleCures. 

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Jennifer Alexander '08

Jennifer Alexander, ’08 alumna, and Carlos Monzon, ’07 graduate, are the founders of Chapín Coffee LLC.  Chapín was founded to bring Fair Trade and Organic certified specialty coffee to consumers and give back to the coffee-growing communities in Guatemala. With the highest rate of chronic malnutrition in Latin America, about 3 of every 4 kids in the rural coffee-growing communities of Guatemala are suffering.  For every bag sold, Chapín works with the non-profit Pueblo a Pueblo, to deliver children living in the coffee-growing area 3 school meals. We were able to talk to Jennifer and learn about the mission of her growing business and the value the Booth network has brought her and Carlos. Read more »

Leslie Pratch, '00

Leslie Pratch, '00, is the founder and CEO of Pratch & Company. Pratch & Company advises organizations on the human dimensions of executing corporate strategy. In addition to her role as CEO of Pratch & Company, Pratch recently published a book, Looks Good on Paper?: Using In-Depth Personality Assessments to Predict Leadership Performance. In her book she shares insights from more than 20 years of executive evaluations and offers an empirically based approach to identify executives who will be effective within organizations—and to flag those who will ultimately fail—by evaluating aspects of personality and character that are hidden beneath the surface. Read more »

Rebecca Sanda, '08

Rebecca Sanda, '08, created and currently manages an APAC marketing organization as a corporate initiative to build a global marketing function for the first time in Bloomberg LP’s 30-year history. As the head of marketing, Asia Pacific, and Japan, Rebecca is the regional leader and manager of a team of 30 professionals. Read what about how her experience at Chicago Booth created a foundation to launch her amazing career that has spanned roles in public relations, business development, and marketing. Read more »

Clare Hare, '88

A love of fabric led to a line of clothes. Clare Hare, '88, was on maternity leave from her investment banking job when she began to brainstorm with another new mom about a new venture. After five years, the idea for a classic women's resort-wear line was born in 2002. Clare has grown the line from a five-piece idea to include sun-protective clothing that address the increasing problem of skin cancer. Initially, Clare funded her venture with angel investors and later found a crowd-funding platform for women entrepreneurs. Read more »

Emily Oster

Associate Professor of Economics, Chicago Booth

Emily Oster, an associate professor of economics at Chicago Booth, has gained some well-deserved attention based on her findings in her new book, which challenges the rules on pregnancy. Have you read it? It's called Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom is Wrong—and What You Really Need to Know. If not, you can find it here. Read more »

Janet Pucino, '94

Janet Pucino, '94, was inspired to write a book after spending a weekend with fellow women MBA students and alumnae from Chicago Booth. Her new book, titled Not in the Club: An Executive Woman's Journey Through the Biased World of Business, won the 2012-13 Los Angeles Book Festival Award in the Business Category. Janet draws on her own experiences and conversations with men and women in the workplace, as well as research on the subject. She took some time recently to tell CBWN more about her book and insights. Read more »

Ruchi Talati, '11, and Jennifer Parkes, '11

Chicago Booth classmates turned business partners, Ruchi Talati, '11, and Jennifer Parkes, '11, founded Catch22Dating, the online dating service targeting successful graduates and young professionals across the US. Determined to pursue their shared goal of entrepreneurship, Ruchi and Jen utilized their Booth network and education, especially the benefits of rigorous quantitative analysis, to launch the company. The two women cite passion and discipline as key factors for success. Here, Ruchi and Jen answer a few questions for CBWN. Read more »

Sue Warshal, '04

Meet Sue Warshal, '04, whose career has focused on health care. Trained as a clinical psychologist, she earned her MBA to move into management and now is the director of a nonprofit in the mental health field. Here Sue answers a few questions for CBWN about her experiences. Read more »

Terri Lydon, '05

Meet Chicago Booth alumna Terri Lydon, '05, whose career in marketing has spanned from traditional corporations to start-ups. Her love of the dynamic atmosphere at new and growing businesses led to her current role at PromoAid. She also values the time it gives her with her family. Here Terri answers a few questions for CBWN about her experiences. Read more »

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