Chicago Booth Alumni Special Interest Group

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Network, learn, socialize, and stay connected with Chicago Booth alumni in your area.

About Us

The primary focus of this club is to share business and commerical experiences in Pakistan and establish communication networks between the alumni/student body at Chicago Booth and the business leadership in Pakistan.

Focal Issues

  • Chicago Booth Information Sessions in Pakistan: Turnout and concerns of applicants to Chicago Booth, and how can we institutionalize this event on an annual basis?
  • Current economic/business conditions in Pakistan:
    • What does the job market look like?
    • What are the prospects for fresh Chicago Booth graduates and experienced professionals?
    • "Cost of Living" adjustment?
    • What are the switching costs for leaving a job in the US and heading home?
  • Collaboration between Chicago Booth and the business schools in Pakistan, such as LUMS and IBA. International Exchange Program for Chicago Booth students and vice versa
  • Business partnerships among Chicago Booth alumni: For example, gas stations for sale by a recent alum.
  • Community events in the Chicago area and the Club's participation to increase awareness of the Chicago Booth and its MBA and PhD programs.
  • Collaboration with similar associations at other top-tier schools
  • Establishing non-Chicago-based chapters, such as in NYC, the Silicon Valley, and Pakistan.

Club Leadership

Executive Board

K. Rizwan Kadir, '97

Asim Raja, '07
Vice President and General Secretary

Ammar Rizki, '08
Vice President - Marketing

Navaid Abidi, '06
Vice President - Strategic Alliances

Mimi Gilani, AXP '02
Vice President - Pakistan Liaison

Rizwan Ebrahim, '05
Vice President - Career Management

Bilal Memon, '03
Vice President - Treasurer

A. Shehryar Hameed, '06
Vice President - Europe and Middle East Liaison

Samia Khan, '08
Vice President - Campus Membership

M. Adeel Saleem
Vice President - PhD Liaison

Omar Daud, '04
Vice President, Community Service

Afaf Qayyum, AB '04
Liaison - The College

Founding Executive Board

Bilal Waqar, '03

K. Rizwan Kadir, '97
Secretary/V.P. Special Events

Omar Daud, '04
V.P. Community Service

Kamran Shaukat, '04
V.P. Pakistan Business Operations

Bilal Memon, '03
V.P. Treasurer

Rizwan Ebrahim, '05
V.P. Career Management

A. Shehryar Hameed, '06
V.P. Campus Membership

Asim Raja, '07
V.P. Marketing

Club Membership

Membership is free for Booth students and alumni. Almost all events are free as well. However, all guests attending the Club events need to be accompanied/invited by a Club Member

Get Involved

General Meetings are held every quarter. Social/Networking events are frequent. Please let the Board know if you want to become a member; are interested in volunteering for Club events; want to host Information Sessions in Pakistan; or, want to participate in co-sponsored development projects in Pakistan.