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Volunteer Spotlight

Mary Doucette, '93

BANC Volunteer

Mary Doucette, a white woman with blond shoulder length hair and glasses, smiles at the camera

Mary Doucette, '93, builds upon both her financial services background and long history of community service by taking leadership roles with BANC. 

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Dan Brown, '86

Dan Brown, '86, expanded his volunteer experience through new work with BANC.

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Elias Yanaki, '08

Elias Yanaki, '08, found a new way to give back through BANC.

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Anne Stern, '95

Anne Stern, '95, found that giving back though BANC gave her much more than she expected in return.

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Natasha Walker, '06

Natasha Walker, '06 sees an opportunity to give back and lead by example through BANC

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Robin Simon, '89

Robin Simon, ‘89 explored a variety of sectors with BANC

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John Golanty, ‘69

John Golanty, ‘69 found satisfaction and hope in his BANC projects.

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Sujatha Shenoy, '04

Sujatha Shenoy, ‘04 used her time with BANC to help re-launch her career.

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Leah Pittacora, '01

Leah Pittacora, ‘01, uses her career in strategy and operations consulting, business process improvement, and acquisition integration to assist nonprofits through BANC project work.

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Lawrence Donoghue, '84

Lawrence Donoghue, ‘84, transitioned from a career in banking and small business lending to using his expertise to help nonprofits through BANC project work.

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Mary Curtis, ’94

Mary Curtis, ’94, refreshed critical-thinking, research, and valuable business skills to support nonprofits – and help reenter the market after raising her family.

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