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Anne Stern, '95

Giving back gave me so much more in return.

I had been receiving and saving the BANC postcards for a few years, always hoping that I would find some way to prioritize making the time. I had a great interest in getting involved, but with a full-time career in marketing and two teenagers, extra time disappeared before I even realized I had it.

In early 2020, I took some time off from working. And fortuitously, a week later, an email from BANC arrived with a new set of projects! I applied, got engaged, and was eager to get started. Then, COVID hit and all projects were put on hold. Again, however, I was in the right place at the right time. BANC cofounders Gayle Haller and Judy Maley were interested in using the down time to tackle some marketing projects. I had a deep dive into all things BANC to help update the web site and partner with Dana Moran to launch a new BANC newsletter. Interviewing nonprofit leaders and alumni to learn and write about past projects filled my desire to learn more about the nonprofit world and understand how Booth alum were helping, yet further piqued my interest in participating on a project.

Finally in June, BANC decided to launch a project virtually and I joined the team. The National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) DuPage sought help building a strategic plan to support their mission of empowering all people impacted by mental health conditions to live life with purpose and meaning. The BANC team conducted one-on-one interviews; explored the mission, vision, and values; drilled into program details; and assessed financial and operational viability. Over six months, a diverse team of six Booth alum built an understanding of the situation that balanced market need, NAMI strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, with the ability to execute and effectively serve local needs of the DuPage community. We did this all virtually, and three of us participated while also holding down full-time careers. Shifting gears to attend a weekly meeting and finding time to make my contributions to the project was never a burden. In fact, the experience sparked a passion that helped me bring additional curiosity and focus in my full time job. By stepping away from what I was working on to do something equally, if not more, challenging and interesting, I was able to bring more to my work across the board.

I sought out BANC to fill a void and desire to give back. To apply what I’ve learned in decades of healthcare and B2B analytics marketing to a nonprofit organization that was doing good in the world. What I completely underestimated was how much the experience would give back to me, from connecting with Booth alum to bringing back so many elements of what I loved being a Booth student: the challenge of lightning speed learning, critical thinking and dialog across a team with varied experience and perspective, and working with people who share a passion for a data-driven approach. If you’re thinking about participating in a BANC project, don’t wait!

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