Who’s Coming

First Name Last Name Class Year Organization
Steven Abel 2005 (XP-74) Target Corporation
Katherine Acles 1989 Alcatel-Lucent (retired)
Jeana Adriatico   Ingenix Consulting
Kanika Agarwal 2010  
Junaid Ahmed 2008 (XP-78) Meridian Technology Solutions, inc
Huseyin Akin 1984 Coca-Cola Icecek
Femi Akinde 2008 MSFT
Venkata Akula 2011 (XP-80) Noble Americas Corp.
Derin Alemli 2011 Grosvenor Capital Management
David Alerhand 1989 Goldberg, Alerhand & Asoc.
Esther Alerhand   Israel Embassy
Anneli Alers 2011 Duff & Phelps
Sanaz Alexander 2009 Piper Jaffay
Marci Alexos    
Nicholas Alexos 1988 Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC
Mohammed Ali 2009 (XP-78) Fidelity Investments
Imttiaz Ali 2009  
Christopher Allabashi 1999 Wachovia Securities, a Wells Fargo Company
Jonathan Allan   Chicago Booth
Carolann Allis    
Baird Allis    
Glenn Allison 2011 (XP-80) W.W. Grainger, Inc.
Tricia Allison   W.W. Grainger, Inc.
Rodney Altman 1999 (XP-68) CMEA Capital
Michael Amez 2011  

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