Virtual Tour of Chicago Booth Alumni Career Services

Take a virtual tour of all the career resources available for life to Booth Alumni. Whether you are looking to advance in your career or to make a career switch, Booth has a wide library of exclusive tools and resources to market yourself, conduct research, search job openings, connect and learn from other alumni, and more.


Video Transcript


Anita Brick:
Hi, and welcome to the tour of the Chicago Booth Alumni Career Services website. This site has a lot of information, tools, and resources, and for some people it can be a bit overwhelming. So to give you a way to better navigate and understand the tools available, we've created this video. You can use it to find what's relevant for you and your career at this particular time.

So we're going to start by going to the main alumni page and as you can see here, there are a variety of tools and resources. As you scroll down, you'll see the resources tab, which is a really good place to start. The CNET ID and password is the key to open up everything else. You'll need this to access most of the career resources, so if you don't have it, please click on this and it will tell you how to reclaim it.

Also under resources is GTS. GTS is where the job postings are and some people start here. Then we'll go to the left-hand again and click on Career Services. We'll go down a tour on the left navigation bar. First, is engage with Career Services. They'll have details about coaching here and how to get in touch with Career Services, including contact information. If you prefer email that's there and if you prefer calling we're available for that as well. So now, if we go back to that nav bar, the second thing is conduct research. On here you'll see the steps, research support, how to research a function and industry, and there are a variety of research databases through actually proprietary databases. It highlights a whole variety of things, but let me point out two. One is capital IQ, and capital IQ is really excellent because it has a massive amount of data on all different kinds of companies, both public and private. If you scroll down here to PREQIN, PREQIN focuses on private equity firms, private equity firms portfolio companies, compensation data in that, and also some venture capital firms. And you can see their portfolio companies as well.

Now, if we go back a bit, one of the things, at times, people are going to lose their jobs and we've put together a whole variety of resources and also things to think about encouragement so that you can really think through. Now, you think through what do you want to do before you're leaving if it is something that you've planned. And then it will help you walk through what you can do. Now that leads us right into changing companies, functions, and industries. And there's a whole bunch of things here. Now, maybe, you know what you want to do, but if you don't, there are things related to self-assessment and then how to do your homework. What do you do ahead of time? How to tell your story, which is super important because how you tell your story will frame how people perceive you and your value. There are then tools to source opportunities, networking tools, and tips, and then resume, cover letters, and other information related to that.

There's some very specific information to help you prepare and review your resume and CV. There are templates, and there's actually even a wonderful AI assisted tool that will help you assess your resume and give you ideas. And you upload a PDF and it will actually give you specifics and then you can follow through, or you're always welcome to come and meet with one of the coaches. There are also interview tools. There are questions, things to think about and other ways to prep. And once you've landed the job, which of course we would be thrilled to hear about, there are tools to evaluate the offer, and then you can speak to us as we walk you through and ask you questions, both about the actual offer and how it fits into your overall career projectory. All of these topics are here and you can use the tool here and you can also set up coaching appointments for any of those topics.

Now not everyone is looking to change jobs. Some people are looking to advance in their company. So we've put together a whole variety of things and this section is how to prepare and position yourself. Then there is a section on how to document your work, how to best position yourself for the promotion. It's really important to keep in mind the economy at large, your company, and your team as timing is so important in these conversations and decisions. And also, not every promotion is the right fit. There's also a section about evaluating opportunities. And of course, we're happy to talk you through these topics because sometimes people will hit some tricky situations and we're happy to chat with you one-on-one.

Now in addition to that, some people either actively, or because of personal situations, decide to take a career hiatus. Now, some people have the luxury to prepare ahead and there's extensive content on how to do that. How to stay connected, keep your network strong, let them know ahead of time. But then also during the time that you do take the hiatus, you want to find ways to stay connected and give to your network as well. And one of the ways you can do that is by keeping your skills up. Now, there are a lot of ways to do that. You can do that online, you can use one of your take three to have post-grad opportunity to take a class and other things to come back to Booth. And then you also want to start planning for your re-entry. In the section there are also three stories from alumni who share their experiences about their own exits and re-entry journeys.

Now some people, and I would say that there's a growing number here, are interested in entrepreneurship. And if we go down to the next tab, there are a whole variety of things on entrepreneurship. And I would say that Career Services approaches entrepreneurship in terms of, is it a good career choice? Is it what you want? How does it fit in with everything else? And then there are a ton of executional and other resources available through the Polsky Center. So when you think about the mechanics of entrepreneurship, you go to the Polsky Center. If you're thinking about it as a career decision, you're going to come to Career Services. And again, is it a good choice? As a career decision is it right for you, and is it right for you now? So you want to think of starting points of how to engage in the community, starting points for thinking it through, in terms of the fit and the implications of that and even the planning ahead. Is it a good idea for you to start your own, do a joint venture?

And then there are alternatives. Sometimes people will do what people call ETA, or entrepreneurship through acquisition. To a lesser degree, people will do franchising. And of course you can always join an existing venture, which has its own pluses and minuses. And we can talk through with that. So we want you to be empowered to make a good decision. Now, in addition to looking at those different career paths and things how you would position yourself, for now, there are tools and resources that are available to you. And one of them that we talked about before is accessing GTS. But at very first at the top here is VMock. And as we mentioned earlier, it's an AI assisted tool that can review and give you advice about how to reformat and make some changes to make it more active and impactful.

GTS is where you access job opportunities, contacts, and many more things. And GTS stands for global talent solutions. There's also a resume database in GTS where you can upload your resume and access other alumni and student resumes so you can see where they were when they were students, but it might give you ideas, not so much about formatting, but really about how to structure bullet points so they are impactful and tell a solid message. Also, is employment reports. Now the employment reports give you an idea of who is going where in terms of percentages, compensation, and more. And right above that is career chemist, which is a professional development and podcast series from the Career Services team.

Now, a couple other things we'd really like to share with you. If we go back to our navigation bar and we click on 'engage with the network at Booth,' we really have job postings and other things, opportunities, events that come through the Booth community. And when you think about engaging, another way to engage with Booth is actually to share opportunities with Booth students and alumni. And if we go back for a moment, you can participate in activities. We'd love to have you volunteer. You can reach out to Booth Works and let us know what you would like to do. Maybe you want to share some of your marketing. You want to help students prep for interviews and many other things.

So thank you very much for taking the time to learn more about all the resources in Career Services. If you have any questions you can email us at, or call us at 312 464 8691, and we're here to help. And we really do want to help. Think of Career Services as offering practical, actionable advice and a little encouragement thrown in. So thanks again, best of luck. And please include us as part of the next steps in your career journey.