Entrepreneurship Essentials

Waverly Deutsch
Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship

September 14–15, 2017



Course Details
Join Professor Waverly Deutsch for two days focused on the frameworks and tools an entrepreneur needs to start a business. This class is ideal for those currently starting early stage companies or considering entrepreneurship in the not too distant future. Get both an introduction to and hands on coaching with concepts like opportunity identification and assessment, the business model canvas, and an MVP (minimum viable product) from the lean startup methodology. Learn about different kinds of startup financing and when each type applies to your business. Understand what investors look for in a startup company and get feedback on your elevator pitch and investor deck. Participants will leave this workshop with a clearer sense of what they must do to build a new company that can thrive in today’s startup world.

Professor Deutsch highlights the unique benefits of the course saying, “It is never too late to become an entrepreneur and many of our alumni choose entrepreneurship as a next career. If you are taking the leap or considering it, please join me for a bootcamp style two days where you will learn frameworks and tools for the earliest stages of starting a business that can immediately help you improve your product-market fit, speed your time to market and increase your chances of success.”

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