Designing a Good Life

Nicholas Epley
John Templeton Keller Professor of Behavioral Science and Neubauer Family Faculty Fellow

October 27, 2017

ITC Grand Chola
No 63 Mount Road
Chennai 600032


Course Details
This is primarily a course about ethics, but it is far from a typical ethics course. We will not spend time discussing ethical dilemmas, or trying to decide what is right or wrong in ethical settings. Instead, we will adopt a psychological approach to understanding ethical behavior. We will try to provide some answers to the most fundamental problem in all of ethics: why do good people sometimes do bad things?

Answering this question requires a fundamental understanding of the psychological processes that govern human thought and behavior in ethical domains. It requires understanding the processes underlying moral psychology. These psychological processes can lure anyone—including you and I—into the ethical lapses that ruin careers, destroy businesses, and bring shame to individuals and organizations. Understanding these processes will give you insights into how you would design your life, your organization, and your team so that it not only does well in life, but also lives a good life.

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