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Alumni Forum: Seattle discussed how the rapid expansion of technology has changed the speed of business and decision-making including the effect of media on business, investments, expanding into new markets, and scaling a business.

Howard Marks

Insights from Howard Marks

The schedule featured a fireside conversation with Howard Marks, ’69, the co-chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, who discussed Investing throughout Market Cycles: A Conversation on Investor Behavior.

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Kurt Delbene and Austan Goolsbee

Industry and Academic Pathbreakers

Forum spekaers inlcluded Microsoft chief digital officer Kurt DelBene, ’90, Chicago Booth professors Austan D. Goolsbee, and Sanjog Misra, and Bryan Johnson, '07 (XP-76), founder, Kernel, OS Fund, and Braintree. Additional speakers from Amazon, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Famous Brands International, McKinsey Quarterly, Microsoft, ORIX Growth Capital, REI, UBER, Vulcan Capital, and more. Learn More »

Who's Coming

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Adam Falcon 2001 Full-Time MBA Princeton Asset Management
Adrienne Schoendorf. Edge Asset Management
Alandrea Timmons 2008 Full-Time MBA Essence Communications
Alaric Quan 1972 Full-Time MBA none
Alex Frederick 2017 Evening/Weekend MBA Pitchbook
Alex Baldwin 2008 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Alexa Vasconcelos 2011 Full-Time MBA Nike
Alexandra Solomon 2018 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Amit Mehta 2003 Full-Time MBA Eagle River, Inc.
Amit Kapur 2001 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Amy Sachtleben 2000 Full-Time MBA The Pokemon Company Int'l
Amy Fulford 2000 Full-Time MBA enlight
Anand Chavali 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Amazon
Andrea Sparrey 2003 Full-Time MBA Sparrey Consulting Group
Andrea Ramirez 2016 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Andy Fulford 2000 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Anka Twum-Baah 2008 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Anmol Tiwar Amazon
ardak kussainova INjoo
Arthur Mendes 2017 Amazon
Ashok Gangolli 1993 Full-Time MBA Gramercy Wealth Management Corp.
Austan Goolsbee Chicago Booth
Bahar Wadia 2007 Executive MBA Plenovo
Baumgartner Nathanael 2018 Evening/Weekend MBA U.S. Bank
Beth Kondrat Chicago Booth
Betsy Frost Webb None
Bill Helenberg 1986 Full-Time MBA NextLevel
Bradley Smith 2002 Evening/Weekend MBA Microsoft
Brenda McCabe 2002 Executive MBA DBZ Arrow
Brigitte Anderson 2008 Full-Time MBA Orange Vista, LLC
Bryan Johnson 2007 Executive MBA Kernel, OS Fund and Braintree
Bryan Baggenstos Casey Family Programs
Bryan Herde 2011 Full-Time MBA Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Bryan White 1989 Full-Time MBA Sahsen Ventures
Byron Crawford 2005 Full-Time MBA Washington Clean Energy Testbeds
Calvin Wu 2013 Evening/Weekend MBA SAP
Carl Myers Switch Healthcare
Caroline Grossman 2003 Full-Time MBA Chicago Booth
Caroline Goles 1997 Full-Time MBA Microsoft Corporation
Carrie de Groot Sense360
Cassandra Galante Amazon
Chris Orndorff 1989 Vulcan Inc
Chris Collins University of Chicago
Chris Lo Vulcan Capital
Christina Nemeth 2009 Evening/Weekend MBA Intel
Christine Groesbeck 2018 Full-Time MBA Nike
Christopher Rooks CRC Finance
Clark Kibler 2011 Full-Time MBA Realself Inc.
Colin Kwong Amazon
Connor Dickson University of Washington
Cord Frieden 2004 Full-Time MBA Fillmore Partners LLC
Cory Burns 2012 Full-Time MBA F5 Networks
Cosmin Tudor 2018 Full-Time MBA Booth
Craig Zummer 1998 Full-Time MBA Insight Advisory Partners
Crystal Zhao 2017 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Dami Olotu Amazon
Damian Dolyniuk 2017 Executive MBA BBH
Daniel Tuller 2017 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Danielle Lobo 2010 Full-Time MBA Nordstrom
Danielle Young 2007 Full-Time MBA Amazon
David Watanabe 1993 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
David Leibsohn 1991 Full-Time MBA New Campus Dynamics
David Hart 1997 Executive MBA Communication Solution GmbH
David Diggs 2008 Evening/Weekend MBA Oracle Corporation
David Rostov Donuts Inc
Debra Xu 2008 Evening/Weekend MBA
Denny Meadows 1987 Full-Time MBA SilverFern Advisory
Denyse Skipper 2018 Evening/Weekend MBA Google
Diana Yan 2015 Full-Time MBA GoodRx
Diena Lukawski Dravus Consulting
Dilip Vutukuru 2017 Evening/Weekend MBA Amazon
Dinesh Prasanth Sri Hari Amazon
Dorothy Atewologun 2015 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Dustin Lyman Famous Brands International
Ebun Onagoruwa 2007 Full-Time MBA Microsoft Corporation
Edward Frindt 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA KCRise Fund
Elise Sivilay 2012 Executive MBA None
Emanuele Valeriano 2018 Evening/Weekend MBA Microsoft
Emil Fretheim 2018 Full-Time MBA EY
Emily Levesque University of Washington
Enrico Biasiolo 2014 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Eric Emerson 1997 Evening/Weekend MBA CRH
Eunice Lee 2018 Full-Time MBA Nike
Fabrice Boevi 2012 Executive MBA Oracle
Fernando Rodrigues 2014 Full-Time MBA Nike
Gabriel Scherzer 1987 Full-Time MBA None
Gary Mingle 1985 Evening/Weekend MBA Focus Group Holdings Ltd
Gaurav Mujumdar 2014 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Geoffrey Winkler 2014 Evening/Weekend MBA Amazon
Greg Peiker 1997 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Gurpreet Dhillon Amazon
Haresh Ved
Hoda Gerami 2016 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Howard Marks 1969 Oaktree Capital Management, LLC
Ingrid Sarapuu 1978 Evening/Weekend MBA None
Ira Svyshcho Amazon
Ivan Chelebiev 2016 Executive MBA Chicago Global Wealth
Jagan Nemani 2005 Evening/Weekend MBA Self
James Small 2009 Evening/Weekend MBA The Boeing Company
James Bray 2007 Full-Time MBA Capital Research and Management
James Farley 2014 Evening/Weekend MBA Cetera
Jamie Kiehn Edge Asset Management
Jason Evans TUUSSO Energy, LLC
Javier Gomez 2012 Evening/Weekend MBA Amazon
Jeffrey Bede 1998 ORIX Venture Finance LLC
Jennifer Williams 1999 Full-Time MBA Bank of America
jeremiah Erby 2011 Full-Time MBA JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Jeremy Showalter 2006 Microsoft
Jeremy Haug 2010 Executive MBA Morgan Stanley
Jessica Devine 2012 Full-Time MBA Formative
Joe Jornadal HomeStreet Bank
John Milligan 2017 Evening/Weekend MBA Amazon
John Valenta 1994 Evening/Weekend MBA Deloitte
John Salvino 2006 Evening/Weekend MBA William Blair & Co
Jonathan Hall Uber
Julie Morton
Julie Eastland BioClin Therapeutics
Karin Berardo 2000 Full-Time MBA Abren
Katie Claussen Bell Chicago Booth
Kiran Narahari 2008 Full-Time MBA Egencia
Kirk Lakhani Amazon
Kristin Sun 2013 Full-Time MBA Julep
Kristin Gallagher 2008 Evening/Weekend MBA Russell Investments
Kristina Peterson 1990 Full-Time MBA Brookfield
KRISTINA VALEVA 2015 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Kristine Nguyen Chicago Booth
Kurt DelBene 1990 Corporate Strategy & PlanningMicrosoft Corporation
Larry Katz 1982 Full-Time MBA None
Laura Lundbeck 2008 Amazon
Laura Clive Flores Amazon
Lauren Dawson Amazon
LeeAnn Mutchler Chicago Booth
Leslie Lichtenstein 2007 Executive MBA The University of Chicago
Linda Xie 2017 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Lisa Cavallari 1997 Full-Time MBA Russell Investments
Lisa Ellis 2013 Full-Time MBA Nestle Starbucks Coffee
Lori Knapp 2017 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Lou Anna Dickerson Dickerson, Rix and Company LLP
Lovneet Singh 2018 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Lu Huang 2018 Full-Time MBA VMware
Luigi Pontes 2012 Full-Time MBA Intel
Luke Forbing 2012 Evening/Weekend MBA none
Lydia Carle 2017 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Lynne Smith 1986 Evening/Weekend MBA Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Lynne Herer Smith Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Madhav Rajan Chicago Booth
Maharaj Singh 2018 Executive MBA Philips Healthcare
Marcelo Han 2011 Evening/Weekend MBA Cornerstone Research
Marisa Porzig 2009 Full-Time MBA Amazon Fresh & PrimeNOW
Mark Kammerer 1986 Full-Time MBA Kammerer Group
Mark Kurtz Transparent Path
Mark Marshall 2017 Executive MBA Pacific Reach Properties
Mark Hamachek none
MARTIN STEVER 1998 Full-Time MBA Pacific West Land
Mary Sun none
Mary Cadera Vulcan
MaryJo Kringas 1988 Full-Time MBA ChocoPerfection
Matt McQuinn University of Washington
Matthew Sidley 2017 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Mauro Lopez Berzosa 2016 Amazon
Max Barker BioClin Therapeutics
Maxwell Bardon 1993 Amazon
Meena Wehrs Chicago Booth
Megan Pukala 2013 Evening/Weekend MBA Procter & Gamble
Meghan Hohertz Amazon
Melanie Qualls 2010 Full-Time MBA InCloudCounsel
Michael Larrenaga 2015 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Michael Vermillion 1990 Full-Time MBA JD Power
Michael Anderson
Michelle Peiker 1998 Evening/Weekend MBA None
Mike Pintar 2016 Evening/Weekend MBA NETenergy
Ming Fung Vibrant Cities
Molly Caulfield 2014 Evening/Weekend MBA Amazon
Nabeela Alidina 2016 Amazon
NANCY RIX 1996 Full-Time MBA Dickerson, Rix and Company LLP
Naomi McDougall Jones
Nate Klein
Nathan Rosenbaum 1984 Full-Time MBA Manta Holdings, LLC
Nathaniel Grotte Chicago Booth
Ned Vidinli Edge Asset Management
Nevet Basker
Nick O'Brien 2014 Evening/Weekend MBA procter and gamble
Nicole Edwards Russell Investments
Nicole Piasecki Seattle University
Nikki Zapanta 2010 Full-Time MBA Longroad Energy
Nisha Abu 2020 Evening/Weekend MBA University of Chicago
Nora Peterson 2014 Evening/Weekend MBA Xessentials
Olawoye OYEYELE 2008 Full-Time MBA Nationwide Investments
Olesya Thayer 2010 Executive MBA None
Olga Diner 2009 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Olga Antonyuk 2013 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Olga Zadvornaya 2019 Executive MBA TELUS
Patrick Ringland 2009 Full-Time MBA Meridian Capital
Patrick Larse 2011 Evening/Weekend MBA
Patrick Zanoni 2000 Full-Time MBA Exabeam
Patrick Bajari Amazon
Patrick Remy 1972 Full-Time MBA Revenue Strategy
Paul Hoest 2010 Full-Time MBA Kirkland & Ellis
Paul Spieldenner 1993 Full-Time MBA none
Peter Jacobs 1994 Full-Time MBA Stifel
Ravi Mattu 1983 Full-Time MBA PIMCO
Raymond Lui 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Amazon
Rebecca Gerben Mehta 2004 Full-Time MBA Amplero
Rebecca Yang 2016 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Rebecca Godbey 2015 Full-Time MBA Amazon
Richard Roman 1975 Full-Time MBA Northwest Pipe Company
Rick Roberts Vulcan Capital
Rinkal Thakker Vyoma
Rodney Kidd .
Roland Owens 2007 Executive MBA Apps Associates
Ron Stimmel Amazon
Rubens Feroz 2012 Full-Time MBA ORIX Growth Capital
Russ Mann none
S m 1993 Full-Time MBA Visier
Sachi Shenoy 2007 Evening/Weekend MBA Upaya Social Ventures
sahil sethi 2013 Full-Time MBA Qualtrics
Salil Pande 2000 Full-Time MBA VMock, Inc.
Samia Mahjub adidas
Sanjog Misra Chicago Booth
Sarah Haug
Scott Hoekman 2007 Executive MBA Next Level Ventures
Scott Myers 1994 Evening/Weekend MBA Cascadian (acquired)
Scott Roberts 2008 Full-Time MBA Tyco
Sean Kell 1996 A Place for Mom
Sean Sternbach 2012 Evening/Weekend MBA Amazon
Sean Lobo 2009 Full-Time MBA Vulcan Capital
Sean Singleton 2008 Full-Time MBA Franklin Venture Partners
Sekar Velu 2008 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Sergey Slepyan 2015 Evening/Weekend MBA Amazon
Seth Acker 2008 Evening/Weekend MBA Microsoft Corporation
Shameek Biswas 2017 Evening/Weekend MBA Celgene
Shannon McShane Chicago Booth
Shannon Wallis Cascade Leadership
Sharad Sundaresan 2005 Evening/Weekend MBA Microsoft
Shoa Jafri LOREAL
Siyang Chen 2018 Full-Time MBA The Arnold Group
Sreerama Jayanthi 2018 Evening/Weekend MBA Amazon
Stacey Kole Chicago Booth
Steve Wu 2011 Evening/Weekend MBA northwestern mutual
Sudarshan Narasimhan 2014 Evening/Weekend MBA Microsoft
Susan Long REI
Svenja Gudell Zillow Group
Swathi Ravirala 2016 Amazon
Tahir Khan 2016 Amazon
Tasneem Kapadia Nordstrom
TBD Lundbeck
Terry Wong 2017 Evening/Weekend MBA none
Thao Hong Hornall Anderson
Theodore Ellis 2013 Full-Time MBA Riveted Labs
Thomas Anderton 2014 Evening/Weekend MBA 626 Financial
Thomas McGrath None
Timothy State Chicago Booth
TJ Devine 2012 Full-Time MBA Microsoft
Toby Jayne Edge Asset Management
Todd Higgerson Optum (UnitedHealth Group)
Toni Tallie
Tracy Allen 2012 Evening/Weekend MBA SAP Concur
Travis Frey WISErg
Tu Duong 2012 Executive MBA Millicom
Tyler White 2013 Full-Time MBA
Vamsi Tetali 2012 Full-Time MBA ghSMART and Company
Veronica Seminario Amazon
Vikki Meadows NASA Astrobiology Institute
Vivek Nayak 2005 Full-Time MBA TerraClear Inc.
Warren Wilder 1984 Full-Time MBA Petronas Chemicals
Wayne Lau 1974 Full-Time MBA Rainier Valley Community Development Fund
Will De Groot 2008 Evening/Weekend MBA dBV
WILLIAM MAES 2012 Evening/Weekend MBA Microsoft
Xing Su 2016 Evening/Weekend MBA Microsoft
Ying Liu 2014 Full-Time MBA adidas
Yingbin Chen 2001 Full-Time MBA Brandes Investment Partners
Yolanda O. Stern One World Institute
Zach Simmons 2008 Evening/Weekend MBA
Zhen Hua Amazon

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Alumni Forum panels and presentations addressed key themes of decision-making in uncertain times, how economics and artificial intelligence impact decisions, and the effect of media and pop culture on business.

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