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Attendees of the Forum heard from industry titans, rising stars, thought leaders, and innovators from London, Europe, and around the world, and engaged in a day of insightful, rewarding discussions on pressing business issues and opportunities.

Luigi Zingales

Luigi Zingales

Robert C. McCormack Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, and Charles M. Harper Faculty Fellow, Chicago Booth

Faculty Speaker

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Silvio Pietro Angori

Silvio Angori, ’03 (EXP-8)

Pininfarina SpA
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Stephen Barter

Stephen Barter

Wilton Capital Advisers
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Vera Calasan

Vera Calasan, ’08 (EXP-13)

Co-founder and CEO
Excellence AG
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Cornel Chiriac

Cornel Chiriac, '12

Managing Partner
Fieldstone Energy Capital
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Birgit Conix

Birgit Conix, ’04 (EXP-9)

TUI Group
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Pierre Courteille

Pierre Courteille, '04 (AXP-3)

Chief Commercial Officer & Vice President Business Development
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Tim Craighead

Timothy Craighead, ’87

Senior European Strategist and Director of Research-Content
Bloomberg Intelligence
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Santanu Dasgupta

Santanu Dasgupta, '04

Co-Founder & CEO
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Sonny Garg

Sunil 'Sonny' Garg, AB ’89, MBA ’00

Global Energy Solutions Lead
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Benjamin Gedeon

Benjamin Gedeon, '12 (EXP-17)

CEO and Co-founder
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Peter Gutman

Peter Gutman, '90

Energea Global
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James Janoskey

James Janoskey, ’94

MD, Global Co-Head Oil & Gas
JP Morgan
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Ishaan Kapoor

Ishaan Kapoor, ’15 (XP-84)

Head of Origination & Development Europe
Constellation Energy Group
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Sophie Kornowski Bonnet

Sophie Kornowski, ’89

Senior Investment Advisor
Waypoint Capital
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Maged Latif

Maged Latif, '02

Managing Director and Senior Advisor
Global Banking & Markets Strategy & the Board of Saudi British Bank, HSBC
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Manda Levin

Manda Levin

Apple Tree Yard/The Tunnel
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Douglas Loewe

Douglas Loewe, ’02 (EXP-7)

Vice President, International
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Alumni Forums

Marianne Loynes, ’01

Director, Regulation
NHS Improvement
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Nadine Luque

Nadine Luque

Production Director
Ingenious Media Group
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Sophia Matveeva

Sophia Matveeva, '16 (EXP-21)

CEO & Co-founder
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Eric Mboma

Eric Mboma, ’08

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Choiseul Africa Capital
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Kathryn Mikells

Kathryn Mikells, ’94

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Anne Cecile Mulin

Anne-Cecile Mulin

Director, Distribution Strategy & Operations
Universal Pictures International
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Laurence Mulliez

Laurence Mulliez-Hurel, ’92

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Daniel Nathrath

Daniel Nathrath, ’04 (EXP-9)

Founder and CEO
Ada Health
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Rafael Oliveira

Rafael Oliveira, ’04

Zone President EMEA
The Kraft Heinz Company
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Madhav Rajan

Madhav Rajan

Dean and George Pratt Shultz Professor of Accounting
Chicago Booth
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Ade Rawcliffe

Ade Rawcliffe

Head of Diversity
ITV Commissioning
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bruce rigal

Bruce Rigal, ’89

BRC Limited
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Felix Schupp

Felix Schupp, ’15 (EXP-20)

StarFish Capital GmbH
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Chantal Schumacher

Chantal Schumacher, ’99

Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Board
Euler Hermes
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Maria Scott

Maria Scott, '17 (EXP-22)

Co-founder and CEO
TAINA Technology Limited
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Dan Smaller

Daniel Smaller, ’82

Board Member
Lakson Investments
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Meryem Tom

Meryem Tom, '96

Country Manager UK, Alexa
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Vahe Torossian

Vahe Torossian, ’10 (EXP-15)

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation
President, Microsoft Western Europe
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Robert Wardrop

Robert Wardrop, ’96 (EXP-1)

Executive Director, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
University of Cambridge
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Petra Worwag

Petra Wörwag, ’90

Member of the Board
Karl Wörwag Lackund Farbenfabrik GmbH & Co.
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Kateryna Yushchenko

Kateryna Yushchenko, ’86

Founding Partner
Intermarium Strategy, Consulting and Capital
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Luigi Zingales

Luigi Zingales

Robert C. McCormack Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, and Charles M. Harper Faculty Fellow
Chicago Booth
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