London Schedule

With a lineup of thoughtful and inspiring speakers, the Chicago Booth London Alumni Forum explored how businesses and individuals are preparing themselves for Europe’s future.



Grange Tower Bridge Hotel
45 Prescot Street | London | E1 8GP 

Chicago Booth and UChicago students and alumni only, plus guests

Attendees kicked off Alumni Forum: London on Thursday, 1 November with a welcome reception.

Welcome Remarks by Robert Wardrop, ’96 (EXP-1), Executive Director, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, University of Cambridge.

Attendees closed out the first evening of Alumni Forum: London with a networking reception.



Grange Tower Bridge Hotel
45 Prescot Street | London | E1 8GP

Attendees enjoyed a welcome breakfast before day two of Alumni Forum: London.

Speaker: Bruce Rigal, '89, Director, BRC Limited 

Challenges are increasing and more is being asked of today’s leaders. How are senior executives and board members preparing themselves to tackle issues such as evolving strategies, increasing competition (incumbents and new entrants), cybersecurity threats, and rising shareholder engagement?

Moderator: Timothy Craighead, '87, Senior European Strategist & Director of Research-Content Bloomberg Intelligence


Birgit Conix, '04 (EXP-9), CFO, TUI Group
Kathryn Mikells, '94, CFO, Diageo plc
Rafael Oliveira, '04, Zone President EMEA, The Kraft Heinz Company
Vahé Torossian, '10 (EXP-15), Corporate VP, Microsoft Corp & President Microsoft Western Europe
Petra Wörwag, '90, Board Member of Karl Wörwag Lackund Farbenfabrik GMBH & Co


Technology is reshaping how businesses interact in what is being referred to as Industry 4.0. At its core, the use of data, design and engineering is leading the planning of new cities and societies. Companies must plan and take advantage of an increasingly digitally connected world. Attendees learned how executives in different industries keep to their core competencies and yet prepare their teams to become more integrated, forge new business partnerships, and adapt the conventional playbook.


Felix Schupp, ’15 (EXP-20), Founder, StarFish Capital GmbH


Silvio Angori, '03 (EXP-8), CEO, Pininfarina SpA
Vera Calasan
, '08 (EXP-13), Co-Founder and CEO, Excellence AG
Douglas Loewe, '02 (EXP-7), Vice President International, Interxion 
Chantal Schumacher, '99, Group CFO, Euler Herme
Meryem Tom, '96, Country Manager UK, Alexa, Amazon

How do women navigate the ongoing challenges in media entertainment? Issues such as the gender pay-gap, discrimination, and endemic sexual harassment have been prevalent in the industry. Recent events have exposed the extent of these problems to the public eye. How is the industry changing in response and what more needs to happen?

Moderator: Manda Levin, Producer, Apple Tree Yard/The Tunnel 


Nadine Luque, Production Director, Media - Finance, Ingenious Media
Anne-Cecile Mulin, current Executive MBA student, Director, Distribution Strategy & Operations, Universal Pictures International
Ade Rawcliffe, Head of Diversity, ITV Commissioning

12:35 Introduction and State of the School:

Speaker: Madhav Rajan, Dean and George Pratt Shultz Professor of Accounting

12:50 Keynote Presentation: 

The economic system prevailing in most of the world today differs greatly from the idealist version of free markets generally taught in economic classes. What effect does corporate governance, wealth inequality, regulation, the media, and the political process in general have on producing these deviations. Why is crony capitalism prevailing in most of the world?

Speaker: Luigi Zingales, Robert C. McCormack Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, and Charles M. Harper Faculty Fellow

Afternoon Back to Back Sessions 

From Eastern Europe to Africa and the Middle East, economic growth and social/political change continues at a rapid pace. What are the key opportunities and challenges in these areas over the short term? How are leaders adapting and looking beyond the competition in a constantly changing environment?

Moderator: Daniel Smaller, '82, Board Member, Lakson Investments


Maged Latif, '02, Managing Director and Senior Advisor, Global Banking & Markets Strategy & the Board of Saudi British Bank, HSBC
Eric Mboma, '08, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Choiseul Africa Capital
Kateryna Yushchenko, '86, Founding Partner, Intermarium Strategy, Consulting and Capital

Europe is dealing with an aging population. How will societies cope from a healthcare perspective? How should we evaluate opportunities like personalized medicine?


Pierre Courteille, ’04 (AXP-3), Chief Commercial Officer & Vice President Business Development, ABIVAX


Sophie Kornowski-Bonnet, '89, Senior Partner, Gurnet Point Capital
Marianne Loynes, ’01, Director, Regulation, NHS Improvement 
Daniel Nathrath, ’04 (EXP-9), Founder and CEO, Ada Health

The energy industry is in the midst of a transformative change as a consequence of new technologies, lower costs, and productivity improvements. Following the Paris Agreement, European oil majors are looking closely at clean technologies, including renewables and EV charging. While electricity may be becoming more localized, natural gas is becoming increasingly global. What do these changes mean for business models and competition?

Moderator: Ishaan Kapoor, '15 (XP-84), Head of Origination & Development Europe, Constellation Energy Group


Sonny Garg, AB '89, MBA '00, Global Energy Solutions Lead, Uptake
Peter Gutman, ’90, Partner, Energea Global
James Janoskey, '94, MD, Global Co-Head Oil & Gas, JP Morgan
Laurence Mulliez-Hurel, '92, Chairman, Voltalia

The class champions below helped organize their respective class reunion dinners.



London Campus
Woolgate Exchange
25 Basinghall Street | London | EC2V 5HA

Chicago Booth and UChicago students and alumni only

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Attendees returned to the classroom to build upon their Booth MBA with this special course offered as part of our exclusive Back to Booth series.

Blockchain, virtual currencies, and smart contracts promise to trigger an important revolution in the 21st century. What are the challenges and the opportunities these technologies offer, as well as the regulatory problem it raises? What changes will digital currencies bring to monetary policy and financing? What changes will blockchain will bring to accounting, trading, and investment banking? What are the opportunities provided by peer-to-peer lending? Attendees joined Luigi Zingales, Robert C. McCormack Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, and Charles M. Harper Faculty Fellow to learn the answers to these questions at this exclusive classroom session.

Back to Booth is supported by the Fred G. Steingraber / A.T. Kearney Endowment. The endowment supports lifelong learning among Chicago Booth alumni.

Steingraber Kearney

Chicago Booth Angels Network connects investors and entrepreneurs through pitch and educational events. The network was founded by Chicago Booth alums in 2013 and backed to date over 25 entrepreneurs with over $2 million in capital and expertise. This session covered the basics to get attendees started as an angel investor, and offered perspectives from angels and founders on what's most important and how to be a good investor.

Speaker: Cornel Chiriac, '12, Managing Partner, Fieldstone Energy Capital

Attendees gained insights and engaged in small-group conversations with some of Booth's start-up founders. They learned how these movers and shakers are making an impact with their start-ups and heard their stories about fundraising, building a team, growing the business, and managing operations.

Participating Booth Founders:

Santanu Dasgupta, '04, Co-Founder & CEO, Taplingua
Benjamin Gedeon, '12 (EXP-17), Co-Founder & CEO, MatchPlace
Sophia Matveeva, '16 (EXP-21), CEO & Co-Founder, Enty
Maria Scott, '17 (EXP-22), Co-founder and CEO, TAINA Technology Limited