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Impact that Moves Mountains

At One Million Degrees, Veronica Herrero takes big ideas and makes them possible, helping low-income community college students unlock their true potential.

Veronica Herrero

MBA 2006 Chief Program Officer One Million Degrees

For Veronica Herrero, empowering low-income community college students through her work at One Million Degrees is both deeply fulfilling and personal. Like many of her students, Veronica is a first-generation college graduate. She sees in them the same sense of determination that she learned from her parents, who built a business from nothing after immigrating to the United States from Mexico. Through Chicago Booth’s Full-Time MBA Program, Veronica gained the tools to create lasting social impact and navigate a career change into nonprofit management. “When I entered Booth, I was definitely an ideas person. Now, I’m still an ideas person, but I know how to operationalize it,” Veronica says. This year, One Million Degrees will serve 1,000 students—a tenfold increase from when she started. “If we can help to elevate more people like me and have their children see them as models, this is exponential impact,” Veronica says. “That’s moving mountains.”


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