Photo of Todd Connor in discussion with a colleague at the office. Photo of Todd Connor in discussion with a colleague at the office.

Serving Those Who Serve

For Todd Connor, making an impact has always mattered. It’s the reason he joined the military—and it’s also why he founded an organization to help launch veterans into entrepreneurship.

Todd Connor

MBA 2007 CEO of Bunker Labs Cofounder of The Collective Academy

Todd has dedicated his life to giving back, from his military service to creating new opportunities for veterans after active duty. “Making an impact has always mattered. It is why I joined the military. It is why I have worked in the public sector, and it is why I chose Booth.” As a college freshman, Todd joined the ROTC. After graduation, he served four years of active duty in the US Navy on the USS Bunker Hill and was deployed to the Persian Gulf during Operation Iraqi Freedom following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. After earning his MBA in the Evening MBA Program at Booth, Todd merged his passion for service with his military background and entrepreneurial vision. Since 2013, he has launched two thriving Chicago-based businesses: the executive education platform Flank 5 Academy, and Bunker Labs, an accelerator for rapid growth tech companies launched by veterans. "Military veterans want to start their own businesses. They want to lead, and this is what entrepreneurship is all about."


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