Sinuhe Arroyo Sinuhe Arroyo

Transforming Data into Knowledge

With a PhD in artificial intelligence, Sinuhe Arroyo had a vision to turn his research into a global knowledge access business. With the tools and global network he gained from Booth, Sinuhe launched Taiger, a global business in semantics and natural language processing.

Sinuhe Arroyo

MBA 2011 Founder and CEO Taiger

The seeds of Sinuhe Arroyo’s software company Taiger were sown as he completed a PhD in artificial intelligence. But the Executive MBA Program at Booth allowed him to transform his research into a global business in semantics and natural language processing, with branches in Singapore, Spain, Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam, and the United States. He entered his company into Booth’s Global New Venture Challenge, which extends the power of Booth’s Edward L. Kaplan, ’71, New Venture Challenge startup competition to Executive MBA students in Chicago, Europe, and Asia. Taiger won the competition in 2011, and Sinuhe says, “I was able to move faster towards becoming a businessman able to build and run an international business.”

Aiming to extend Taiger’s global footprint to all the major financial capitals of the world, Sinuhe has leveraged the power of the Booth global network. “[Booth] has opened so many doors for us,” he says. “They’ve been so influential and transformative in the guidance and connections and helping us understand how business is done. In any place in the world, you know people because of Booth.”

Prior to enrolling at Booth, Sinuhe was a corporate development manager at phion AG, following stints at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute and iSOCO SA. He earned his PhD in artificial intelligence at the University of Innsbruck.

“To be successful, you have to have three things: luck, attitude, and aptitude,” Sinuhe says. “I’ve been equipped with tools to bring this company to higher ground, to make it big and successful. That’s a combination of the things I learned at Chicago: the experience I gained and the feedback I get from alumni and from my professors.”


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