Photo of Michael Armstrong in his high-rise office. Photo of Michael Armstrong in his high-rise office.

Driven to Innovate

As the driving force behind BET’s launch to international viewers, Michael D. Armstrong knew not to make assumptions about local markets. Instead, he focused on what they reveal and uses that insight to fuel new opportunities.

Michael D. Armstrong

MBA 2002 General Manager BET Networks

Exposing new markets to innovative American entertainment is Michael D. Armstrong’s passion. Diving into new cultures, he enjoys building international relationships that help expand the reach of BET and its parent company, Viacom. Michael selected Booth's Evening MBA Program to develop a more solid foundation and support his advancement within Viacom. At Booth, he was able to sustain his career momentum while building on his skills and expanding his network. His experience continues to be instrumental to his continued success navigating the inherent risks in a rapidly changing industry at the media giant. As the General Manager of BET Networks, Michael drives strategy and operations, with direct oversight of content strategy and multiplatform scheduling, marketing, corporate communications and operations. “We can redesign our business approach market by market and around the world to meet the needs of where the consumer is and where they are going.”

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