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The Rewards of a Radical Departure

Joel Gay leveraged his Booth background to bring a new, game-changing technology to life and disrupt the energy industry.

Joel Gay

MBA 2010 President and CEO Energy Recovery

“Avant-garde.” “Revolutionary.” “A radical departure.” Ask Joel Gay how his company’s disruptive new technology, the VorTeq, is poised to shake up the oil and gas industry, and he won’t mince words: it’s big. As the president and CEO of Energy Recovery, Joel recently inked a licensing deal for the VorTeq's groundbreaking hydraulic pumping system with oil field services giant Schlumberger—a partnership that could be worth as much as $4 billion. Meanwhile, Joel has led his company’s stock price to an all-time high.


But before those successes, Chicago Booth’s Executive MBA Program gave him the management education he sought, without slowing him down. “I was on a fast track. I was already in the C-suite at that time directly reporting to a CEO, and the ability to pursue my MBA at my school of choice without compromising my career momentum was quite important.”


These days, Joel is still charging ahead, pushing Energy Recovery to realize its full potential. “I see us in five years as a bigger, better, faster, and smarter version of who we are today.”


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