Photo of Joanne Chen in discussion with a colleague over coffee. Photo of Joanne Chen in discussion with a colleague over coffee.

A Force for Founders

As a venture capitalist, Joanne Chen uses a multidiscipline approach to support startups that will change the world.

Joanne Chen

MBA 2014 Partner Foundation Capital

“The most important thing that attracts me to venture capital is the ability to pick people, ideas, business models that would change the world in a very significant way," says Foundation Capital partner Joanne Chen. While in the Full-Time MBA Program at Booth she joined the Hyde Park Angel network and found that in order to gain hands on investing experience, she needed to change careers into venture capital. Chicago Booth, home to the Edward L. Kaplan, ’71, New Venture Challenge, a leading startup incubator in the United States, helped her gain the insight she needed to become an investor, while connecting her to a community of entrepreneurs and ultimately to a job in venture capital. "I enjoy working hard and trying to understand difficult concepts. Booth has a strong emphasis on really driving that kind of academic rigor, and I really appreciated that."


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