Photo of Heather Brilliant speaking in her high-rise office. Photo of Heather Brilliant speaking in her high-rise office.

Capturing the Opportunity in Risk

For Heather Brilliant, good leadership means knowing when to take the kind of calculated risks that her Booth training taught her to identify, quantify, evaluate, and act upon.

Heather Brilliant

MBA 2005 Managing Director, Americas First State Investments

Heather’s Chicago Booth MBA experience continues to have a profound influence on her current role. The Evening MBA Program at Booth was instrumental in helping Heather achieve her long-term goals while staying on her ideal career path. “When I was in equity research, I thought it was the most exhilarating career I could have ever hoped for, and I didn’t want to take a break.” The flexibility of the program made it possible for Heather to earn her degree from a top-ranked program and join a diverse and global community of other students, faculty, and alumni who were equally committed to ongoing intellectual and professional growth. “At Booth, I really started finding other leaders within the community that helped inspire me and helped me realize that it was possible to take my career in any direction I wanted to take it.“


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