Guillaume Piard Guillaume Piard

A Decisive Transformation

Guillaume Piard's time at Booth gave him the confidence to be a decision-maker. One of his boldest decisions: launching Nalo, a robo-advisor fintech startup to help people manage their investments and wealth.

Guillaume Piard

MBA 2015 Founder and CEO Nalo

For Guillaume Piard, the Full-Time Program reset his vision of how he wanted to make an impact in the world. After graduating from the top of his class at the Imperial College London and earning a master’s degree in physics, he had turned his attention to finance at Lehman Brothers and Nomura, respectively, for a combined nine years. At Booth, however, he discovered his passion—and proclivity—for entrepreneurship in the financial space.


The result: Nalo, a Paris-based fintech startup that uses a robo-advisor platform to help manage investments and wealth. “People realize that they need to be doing something with their savings, but they don’t have the time,” he says. “We’re proposing to solve this problem with a platform that essentially provides individualized advice in an automated form where you can easily sign up with something tailor-made, and it will take care of you through time.” 


Guillaume embraced the transition from a steady job in finance to the uncertainty of life as an entrepreneur. “Risk is fantastic, exhilarating. And maybe I have always taken a bit of risk and I perhaps didn’t know it,” he says. With the analytical tools he gained at Booth, he says, “I am much more aware of the calculated risks I am taking. I am a decision-maker now—the school taught me to make decisions faster so I can analyze them faster. If it is a success, great. If it is not a success, then I ask, ‘How can I do better next time?’”


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