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Fueling Insight with Data

In a world where data is all around us, the power of analytical inquiry is greater than ever. We help tomorrow's leaders gain a foundation that's grounded in core principles and hone a multidiscipline approach to uncover the greatest discoveries.

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Evidence-Based Thinking

Using the best available data and research to aid judgment means decisions are always deeply informed.

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Risk Calculation

Deeper understanding helps you distinguish the risks worth taking from those best to avoid.

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Diversity as a Value

A global perspective helps you broaden your understanding within a diverse and collaborative community.

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David Han

Prepared to Seize Success

David Han always wanted to go into business for himself. His Booth education helped prepare him to seize the unique opportunity of building a specialty private equity firm in Shanghai in collaboration with fellow Booth alumni.

"The more opportunity you have to take risks, the more you gain an appreciation for when a risk is worth taking and when it is just foolhardy."

— Heather Brilliant, ’05, Managing Director, Americas, First State Investments
Photo of Heather Brilliant speaking in her high-rise office. Photo of Heather Brilliant speaking in her high-rise office.
Heather Brilliant

Capturing the Opportunity in Risk

For Heather Brilliant, good leadership means knowing when to take the kind of calculated risks that her Booth training taught her to identify, quantify, evaluate, and act upon.

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