Photo of Erez Mathan speaking with colleagues on the floor of his Paris office. Photo of Erez Mathan speaking with colleagues on the floor of his Paris office.

The Power of a Great Product

Erez Mathan joined GoCardless with a vision that it would change the world by dramatically improving cash flow for businesses. And that vision is becoming reality.

Erez Mathan

MBA 2016 Chief Operating Officer GoCardless

Erez wanted to have a bigger impact on the job. Despite his thriving career, he craved the intensity and diverse demands of a startup. He understood the strength in leveraging data to make decisions, rather than relying on experience or gut instinct. Booth's Executive MBA Program helped him gain the foundation he needed to pursue a career in the rapidly evolving world of fintech. At London-based GoCardless, he has a wide range of oversight, including managing the risk and compliance, legal, finance, and human resources teams, as well as the customer support unit. “We are trying to question a lot of the things we are doing and making sure that we don't just settle for best practices from the past.”


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