Photo of David Han, dressed in a suit, looking into the distance off-camera. Photo of David Han, dressed in a suit, looking into the distance off-camera.

Prepared to Seize Success

David Han always wanted to go into business for himself. His Booth education helped prepare him to seize the unique opportunity of building a specialty private equity firm in Shanghai in collaboration with fellow Booth alumni.

David Han

MBA 2002 Chief Executive Officer Yao Capital

David Han knew that one day he wanted to set up his own private equity shop. He knew he needed an MBA to achieve that vision. At 32, he moved to Chicago to earn his MBA in Booth's Full-Time MBA Program. David’s gamble paid off. After establishing a stellar investment track record at some of the world’s largest PE firms, David cofounded the Shanghai-based global sports private equity firm Yao Capital with NBA Hall of Famer Yao Ming. Capitalizing on China’s booming sports market, David leads the $300 million firm’s investment strategy. “Going to Booth was the best decision I made in my life,” David says. “Without the Booth education, I wouldn’t be sitting here.”


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