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Photo of two female students discussing an academic concept in a classroom setting. Photo of two female students discussing an academic concept in a classroom setting.

Bold Thinkers and Doers

Making a big impact requires the courage of your convictions, an open mind, and the commitment to see a plan through. At Booth, we foster a mindset of action and determination to effect change and extraordinary achievement.

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Risk Calculation

Deeper understanding helps you distinguish the risks worth taking from those best to avoid.

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Steady in Uncertainty

Fortitude in the face of ambiguity and change is a hallmark of great leaders.

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Courage to Act

Brave leadership means never avoiding the hard decisions that matter most.

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Joanne Chen

Impact that Moves Mountains

At One Million Degrees, Veronica Herrero takes big ideas and makes them possible, helping low-income community college students unlock their true potential.

"We empower students to become successful in school, in work, and in life. Ultimately our mission is to help them break into the middle class."

— Veronica Herrero, ’06, Chief Program Officer, One Million Degrees
JoelGay Photo of Joel Gay
Joel Gay

The Rewards of a Radical Departure

At Energy Recovery, Joel Gay is helping bring a new, game-changing technology to life. Its introduction is driving the company to new heights.

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