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Educated to Conform Transform

Chicago Booth is more than an MBA. We are a community of intellects, pathbreakers, and leaders working together to change the world.

Why Booth?

The Chicago Approach empowers you to dig deeper, discover more, and shape the future. We help you turn your ideas into impact and realize success on your own terms.

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Analytical Inquiry

A firm grounding in core principles with a multidiscipline approach to understanding complex data can move you from discovery to impact.

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Intellectual Freedom

A flexible program empowers you to fully pursue your highest aspirations.

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Collaborative Community

A global community of diverse backgrounds and perspectives bonded by a shared sense of curiosity leads to deeper understanding.

"The Booth MBA doesn't teach you what to think, it teaches you how to think. If you know how to think, no matter what problem you have at hand, you are going to be able to solve it."

— Guillaume Piard, ’15, Founder and CEO, Nalo

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