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Five Alumni Honored as Angels

May 20, 2013

Five Chicago Booth alumni received Alumni Angel Awards (A3) for their impact on the professional and personal lives of current students. The awards were conferred at Worldwide Booth Night on April 11. A3 is a student run initiative managed by the Dean’s Student and Alumni Representatives—students nominate alumni and determine the winners from a list of finalists. This was the sixth year of the awards.

Alumni honored this year were Jed Buchanan, ’99, partner at Bain & Company in Chicago; Kostiantyn Magaletskyi, ’09, principal at Horizon Capital in Ukraine; Phil Nevels, ’10, co-founder and COO at Power2Switch in Chicago; Peter Kuzma, ’12, consultant at Bain & Company in Chicago; and Guy Turner, ’10, managing director of Hyde Park Venture Partners in Chicago.

Buchanan, winner of the On-Campus Involvement Award, was noted for his work in the Leadership Challenge and the time he spends talking with Booth students who have an interest in consulting. Magaletskyi, recipient of the International Initiative Award, was recognized for promoting Booth to students in Ukraine as well as other parts of Eastern Europe.  

Nevels, winner of the Personal Support Award, was recognized for the attention that he gives to students, especially the advice he has passed on for minority business owners. He sees his participation as a reflection of his experience at Booth. “By reaching back to current students, I only hope to provide the mentorship that was so generously offered me when I was a student,” he said.

Kuzma, recipient of the Professional Guidance Award, was honored for his work in fostering the connection between Bain and members of Booth’s Armed Forces Group.

Turner, winner of the Opportunity Creation Award, works to mentor students with an interest in venture capital through the Hyde Park Angels associate program. “Every year, I get the chance to work with 10 of Booth’s brightest and most motivated,” Turner said. 

“What I love is the common language and standards that Booth students and alumni share. There is an embodied intellectual curiosity, professionalism, and trust—like coming home—but also the ability to consider different perspectives and challenge one another.”—Ben Pokross