Class of 2013

Celebrate Your 3-Year Reunion

Though the classrooms, study sessions, and exams that once filled your days are now just memories, the friendships that formed during those years have remained, strengthened by those youthful challenges and enriched by the wisdom that can only come from experience.

Join your classmates this spring in Chicago to relive big moments, recapture the excitement, and recall treasured memories of those exciting years. There is so much to celebrate and share at your reunion.

Programming Committee

Christina Duncan
Shilpa Gadhok
Liz Kammel
Raph Mannino
Tyler Mansfield
Sheelu Nandigam
Liz Oates
Katie Ossman
Donnie Phillips
Dan Rogers
Stacy Tumarkin
Lily Xu

Please see the full weekend schedule for all events and times.

Friday, May 13

 7–10 p.m. | Class Reception| Beatrix - Streeterville| Class of 2013

For information about hotel reservations, getting to Chicago, and travel between events once you're here visit the travel page »

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Adam Byerley 2013 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Bhaskar Mazumder 2013 Evening/Weekend Deloitte Consulting
Bradley Schwartz 2013 Full Time Delta Air Lines
Bret Feingerts 2013 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Daniel Kapnick 2013 Full Time Brightwood Capital
Donnie Phillips 2013 Full Time Citadel
Elizabeth Oates 2013 Full Time Royal Caribbean
Erica Salin 2013 Full Time A. T. Kearney
Garrett Norman 2013 Full Time PAAMCO
Hakeem Yusuff 2013 Full Time BASF
Hatsuki Miyata 2013 Evening/Weekend P&G
Hillary Wolcott 2013 Full Time General Mills
Jaime Streem 2013 Full Time Beam Suntory
Jamie Shah 2013 Full Time Chem-Impex International, Inc.
Jonathan Hay 2013 Full Time Boston Red Sox
Koushalya Nandigam 2013 Full Time Walgreens
lily xu 2013 Full Time Sephora
Lily xu 2013 Full Time Sephora
Lisa Lee-Herbert 2013 Full Time NowPow
Matt Nelson 2013 Full Time Habitat for Humanity
Michael Vanacora 2013 Evening/Weekend ZS Associates
Michael White 2013 Evening/Weekend Gartner
Michelle Lofaro 2013 Full Time ACH Food Companies
Muneeb Balbale 2013 Full Time L.E.K. Consulting LLC
Peter Johnson 2013 Full Time Jump Capital
Rohit Singh 2013 Full Time Oliver Wyman
Ryan Smith 2013 Full Time Dow Corning Corporation
Sami Arayssi 2013 Full Time Manager, Corporate Strategy
Shilpa Gadhok 2013 Full Time Procter & Gamble
Stacy Tumarkin 2013 Full Time Voleon Capital Management LP
Steve Southwick 2013 Full Time THL Credit
Theodore Ellis 2013 Full Time PIMCO
Tyler Mansfield 2013 Full Time PwC
Vinayak Seshasayee 2013 Full Time PIMCO
Winnie Wu 2013 Full Time IA Collaborative