Class of 2013

Celebrate Your One-Year Reunion

Though the classrooms, study sessions, and exams that once filled your days are now just memories, the friendships that formed during those years have remained, strengthened by those youthful challenges and enriched by the wisdom that can only come from experience.

Join your classmates this spring in Chicago to relive big moments, recapture the excitement, and recall treasured memories of those exciting years. There is so much to celebrate and share at your reunion.

Your reunion schedule is:


6–8 p.m. | All Booth Happy Hour | Rock Bottom | All Alumni
Start the weekend off right with classmates and friends at this all-reunion event that takes you back to Pub Night and TNDC. First-come, first-served event, registration is required.


11:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. | Management Conference | Sheraton Hotel and Gleacher Center
Take on new ideas and refresh your perspective as industry leaders and faculty address a wide range of important topics, from emerging markets to private equity to social enterprise.

6 p.m.–Midnight | Alumni Celebration | Museum of Science and Industry
Make new connections and raise a glass to this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award winners at this unforgettable evening of food, drinks, music, and friends.


9–10 a.m. | Reunion Breakfast | Charles M. Harper Center | Reunion Alumni
Enjoy a continental breakfast with fellow reunion alumni.

10 a.m.–Noon | Reunion Back-to-the-Classroom Sessions | Charles M. Harper Center | Reunion Alumni
Enhance your learning with fantastic faculty sessions. This event is open to reunion alumni only and their spouses. 

Noon | Young Alumni and Students Homecoming Barbecue | Charles M. Harper Center |Young Alumni: Classes of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and current students
Young alumni and current students are invited to a special BBQ hosted by the Class of 2013. Relive the glory days with friends and classmates in the Student Lounge and Patio! First-come, first-served event.

7 p.m. | Reunion Class Dinner | Epic
Toast to the class of 2013. Enjoy dinner and cocktails with your fellow classmates at one of Chicago's favorite hot spots, Epic.

Please see the full event schedule for the most updated information.

Shuttle service will be available between Gleacher Center and Harper Center for Saturday morning and afternoon. Please see the travel page for more information.

Goal: 300
Goal: 310
90 134


Carolyn Braff 
Shilpa Gadhok 
Megan Hart 
Catey Mark 


Baber Abbas
Farhan Ahmed
Katie Blodgett
Brett Bonet
Karen Daniels
Katie Dombrowski
Elaine Garven
Natasha Ghatak
Carl Ghiselli
Ram Gundapaneni
Jon Hay
Nikhil Iyer
Laura Jones
Liz Kammel
Sharon Kao
Justen Knight
Katie Kuhl
Megan Ledyard
Luis Llanes
Sheelu Nandigam
Alex Pedenko
Daniel Rogers
Zev Safran
Kathryn Spica
Jaime Streem
Swetha Yellamraju

First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Nitin Kumar 2013 Weekend BP Plc.
Ronald Falcon 2013 Full-Time Burger King
Sharon Kao 2013 Full-Time PricewaterhouseCoopers
Donnie Phillips 2013 Full-Time Citadel
Jaime Streem 2013 Full-Time Nielsen
Catey Mark 2013 Full-Time Equinox
Jennifer Jazwinski 2013 Full-Time Deloitte
Zach Wood 2013 Full-Time Cerner
Karen Passmore 2013 Full-Time McKinsey & Company
Natasha Ghatak 2013 Evening Promontory Financial Group
Jordan Tepper 2013 Full-Time The Boston Consulting Group
David Osei 2013 Full-Time McKinsey & Company
Chanhee Lee 2013 Full-Time
Bradley Schwartz 2013 Full-Time NONE
Guy Feibish 2013 Full-Time JP Morgan
Sushil Jain 2013 Evening University of Chicago
John Trzupek 2013 Executive MBA - North America Pfizer Inc.
Zev Safran 2013 Full-Time GM Asset Management
Hannah Chen 2013 Full-Time Booth MBA 2013
Nick Valentino 2013 Evening Navigant Consulting, Inc.
Michael Daly 2013 Evening Axiom Consulting Partners
Leah Lansberry-Austin 2013 Full-Time Point B
Elizabeth Oates 2013 Full-Time Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.
Maria Sanchez 2013 Full-Time Anheuser Busch
Stacy Tumarkin 2013 Full-Time Voleon Capital Management LP
Baber Abbas 2013 Evening CommScope
Jon Walsh 2013 Evening Wolverine Trading
Paul Barry 2013 Evening Deloitte
Jameson Stengel 2013 Full-Time Chicago Booth
Girish Prasad 2013 Weekend Amazon
Aniket Apte 2013 Weekend ImmunoScience
Bryan Bethel 2013 Evening Northern Trust
Jonathan Hay 2013 Full-Time Boston Red Sox
Bill YOUNG 2013 Evening SEC
Nicola Koenig 2013 Executive MBA - Europe Commerzbank
Carolina Pereira 2013 Full-Time Cummins
Anna Yang 2013 Full-Time The Cambridge Group
Sahil Sethi 2013 Full-Time Microsoft
Hetal Patel 2013 Evening US Cellular
Aimee Zhang 2013 Evening Accenture
Alina Kotova 2013 Full-Time None
Jessica Harmon 2013 Full-Time A.T. Kearney
Vivienne Ko 2013 Full-Time Citigroup
Matthew Butterworth 2013 Full-Time NONE
Sanjhi Agrawal 2013 Full-Time Brown-Forman
Matt Smith 2013 Full-Time The Boston Consulting Group
Edgardo Crovetto 2013 Full-Time McKinsey & Company
Justen Knight 2013 Full-Time Kraft Foods Group
Dylan Hall 2013 Evening NONE
Harlan Piper 2013 Full-Time QVT Financial
Muneeb Balbale 2013 Full-Time LEK Consulting
BJ Hansen 2013 Full-Time McCarthy Capital
Carolyn Kriss 2013 Full-Time Civis Analytics
Megan Hart 2013 Evening CRA
Alexander Iliev 2013 Evening Charles River Associates International
David Moe 2013 Executive MBA - North America Goldman Sachs
Dean Kepraios 2013 Executive MBA - North America Mercer
Elaine Garven 2013 Full-Time Symantec Corporation
Eran Koren 2013 Full-Time BCG
Garrett Monda 2013 Full-Time The Riverside Company
Dev Ashish 2013 Weekend Dupage Medical Group
Garrett Norman 2013 Full-Time Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company
Elizabeth Schuller 2013 Evening CDW
Fong Wa Chung 2013 Full-Time Barclays
Herman Tkach 2013 Evening TD Ameritrade
Ezra Galston 2013 Full-Time Chicago Ventures
Hugh Cameron 2013 Full-Time O'Brien-Staley Partners
Jamie Shah 2013 Full-Time Chem-Impex International
Jeffrey Liu 2013 Full-Time Beachmint
Carla Taylor 2013 Evening Blue Prairie Group
Winnie Wu 2013 Full-Time Maddock Douglas
Juan Patricio Boido 2013 Full-Time NONE
Julio Kuri Erreguerena 2013 Full-Time Gerbera Capital
Kathryn Spica 2013 Evening Morningstar
Likun He 2013 Evening 3M
Ludovic Lassauce 2013 Executive MBA - Asia Ericsson
Luiz Ottavio Veiga Greca 2013 Full-Time William Blair
Matthew Nelson 2013 Full-Time NONE
Megan Ledyard 2013 Evening Morgan Stanley
Michael Goy 2013 Full-Time MPG Equity Partners LLC
Nabil Talaouit 2013 Executive MBA - Europe Nabil Talaouit Consulting
Niket Desai 2013 Evening PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
Nikolay Kuzmin 2013 Full-Time Accenture
Pierre Maroye 2013 Full-Time Orca Solutions
Shilpa Gadhok 2013 Full-Time Procter & Gamble
Swetha Yellamraju 2013 Evening Trading Technologies
William Brown 2013 Executive MBA - North America Eli Lilly and Company
William Yoon 2013 Full-Time Miller Buckfire
Koushalya Nandigam 2013 Full-Time Walgreens
Kate Lennox 2013 Full-Time Target
Nusreth Baig 2013 Executive MBA - North America Infobright
Carolyn Braff 2013 Full-Time Gatorade
Pedro Saboia 2013 Full-Time None
Arup Raha 2013 Executive MBA - North America Infosys
Andrew Herman CNA Insurance
Anish Shah Groupon
Sami Arayssi 2013 Full-Time L.E.K. Consulting
Tracy Allen 2013 Evening Baxter Healthcare
Shounak Simlai 2013 Full-Time A.T.Kearney
Leila Tovbina 2013 Full-Time NONE
Niranjana Rajagopal 2013 Full-Time McKinsey & Co.
Hillary Wolcott 2013 Full-Time General Mills
Brendan Scholz 2013 Evening William Blair
Sarah Scholz NONE
Rohit Kapoor 2013 Weekend TekMonks Corp
Shima Rayej 2013 Evening NONE
Ameer Saleh 2013 Full-Time Deutsche Bank
Sarah Freeman 2013 Full-Time Accenture
Mike Watson 2013 Executive MBA - North America Waste Management, Inc.
Susanne Chock Boston Children's Hospital
Ivan Safonov 2013 Full-Time McKinsey
Christopher D'Cruz 2013 Full-Time Raise; Paktor
Yoav Mordowicz 2013 Full-Time McKinsey & Company
Brett Bonet 2013 Full-Time J.P. Morgan
Kristy Malm 2013 Executive MBA - North America None
Paul Ochoa none
Oscar Romero 2013 CMI Bridgestone
Carrol Chang McKinsey & Company
Lesley Lu 2013 Executive MBA - Asia Temasek
Lizz Slark 2013 Full-Time Anheuser-Busch
Kelsey Salmen 2013 Full-Time PepsiCo
Julia Smantser 2013 Executive MBA - Europe SONY
Gleb Smantser SONY
Kuppy Sampale 2013 Full-Time Kraft
Miles Mattson 2013 Full-Time Booz & Co
Callie Mattson Kellogg
Jodi Goy Leo Burnett
Jarod Adams Blue Prairie Group
Peter Johnson 2013 Full-Time Jump Capital
Aimee Lorenz Feeding America
Keith Moody Bridgestone
Shruthi Rao UT Southwestern
Luis Kuae Cummins
Mathieu ELIE 2013 Executive MBA - Asia Guerbet
Hafsa Baig Northshore Hospital Glenbrook
April Hansen NONE
Darryl Robinson 2013 Executive MBA - North America NONE
Ginette Oebel 2013 Executive MBA - Europe Conpair
Julie McLaughlin 2013 Executive MBA - North America DynamicEnergy
Flavia Greca 2013 Full-Time None
Sunita Jasti NONE
Molly Mulroy 2013 Executive MBA - North America We Energies
Monique Saboia None
Priya Ramakrishnan 2013 Full-Time Computer Solutions, Inc
Kelly Neroda 2013 Full-Time Hillshire Brands
Casey Monda NONE
Bushra Abbas None